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Facial Treatments

Our unique selection of facial treatments have been designed to refresh, reinvigorate, and pamper. All facials include a hot towel and steam, with a glass of prosecco on arrival. These treatments are only available at VIVO Clinic Birmingham (Jewellery Quarter).

Express Facial – £25

Refresh your skin with our Express Facial! With a double cleanse and tone, followed by an exfoliating mask, you will never have felt so calm and re-energised. The Express Facial can improve dull complexions, remove blemishes, and rejuvenate pores. Not only this, but the Express Facial has numerous health benefits, such as improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic vessels, both of which help with repair and detoxification. This affordable treatment is an absolute treat for your skin, and will leave you feeling ready to face the day!

Express Facial

HydroDerma Facial – £33

Our HydroDerma Facial is ideal for restoring your skin and getting rid of any skin imperfections. A single cleanse will make your skin feel cleaner and lighter, eliminating any dirt that has built up in the pores. Our combination of hydro suction and microdermabrasion, which involves the use of crystals to remove dead skin cells, refreshes and hydrates the skin. This method effectively removes blackheads and can reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars or generic skin conditions. To finish off this treatment, oxygen is used to dry the face and a C-TOX Mist Spray is applied to stimulate the growth of collagen in the skin, making your skin feel healthy and luxurious!

HydroSerma Facial

Aromatherapy Facial – £33

Our Aromatherapy Facial is the perfect treatment to allow you to relax while simultaneously re-energising the skin! A double cleanse, and tone is followed by an exfoliating mask using essential oils that will make your skin glow. Next, you will receive a full facial massage. You’ll be able to feel your troubles melt away as this treatment works to remove dead skin cells and reactivate fatigued and dehydrated cells within the skin.

Aromatherapy Facial

Deluxe Facial – £33

Our Deluxe Facial is the treat you’ve been looking for! A double cleanse and tone effectively clears out the pores, followed by an exfoliating mask that works to boost growth and repair of collagen in the skin. This treatment is not just a delight for your face – you will receive a full face and foot massage using deluxe essential oils that will rejuvenate your skin. As well as this, we will use radio frequency to tighten further and lift the skin so you really get the most out of this treatment. Finally, after placing a hot towel on the face, a C-TOX Mist Spray will be applied, so that you can leave the clinic feeling and looking fabulous!

Deluxe Facial

Himalayan Ku Nye Facial – £69

This facial is incredibly beneficial for your health and can effectively improve your appearance. A double cleanse, and tone is followed by a luxurious Rose Hip scrub that will refresh and hydrate the skin. Then, sea buckthorn elixir honey oil is gently rubbed into the face and left to be absorbed into the skin so that it is moisturised and feels fresh. At the end of the treatment, hot stones are placed onto the face to remove any unwanted pressure points. All of these, elements work together to fight free radicals that can damage the body, strengthen the structure of cells, improve blood and oxygen circulation, in addition to supporting the immune system and reducing tiredness.

Balinese Garden Facial

Balinese Garden Facial – £69

Our Balinese Garden Facial is perfect for those who like to try something a little different! Your face will be cleansed with coconut milk, before applying a brown sugar scrub with coconut oil that revitalises the skin. A mask of honey and lemongrass oil will then be put onto the face, leaving your skin feeling clean and fragrant. This facial treatment eliminates skin blemishes such as blackheads, detoxifies the skin, minimises pores, and even improves the elasticity of the skin!

Royal Rose Petal Facial – £69

Rosewater is famously effective for moisturising skin and improving the quality of skin that is excessively dry or oily. In this treatment, our double cleanse and tone is followed by the application of rosewater and red petal clay. After this, an infusion of lemon and tea tree oils will be used to treat the face. These fragrant treatments aid the removal of toxins, improve skin sensitivity, reduce excess oils, and leave you with a bright and vibrant complexion!

Royal Rose Petal Facial

Caribbean Banana and Papaya Facial – £59

This tropical treat will transport you away! A double cleanse, and tone is followed by the application of papaya, honey and fresh banana. These ingredients work together to remove dead skin cells, slow down ageing, and increase Vitamin E and C levels within the body. Furthermore, the Caribbean Banana and Papaya Facial lightens the skin, naturally improving your complexion so your skin looks new and healthy!

The Jewellery Quarter Gold Leaf Facial – £99

Our premium Jewellery Quarter Gold Leaf Facial is our most luxurious treatment, where you can indulge yourself and get the reward you deserve! The treatment begins with a double cleanse and tone to clean and refresh the pores. Next, gold leaf is massaged into the skin so it can be absorbed, improving the quality and appearance of the skin. Gold mist serum is then applied, making your skin shine! This deluxe treatment reduces the effects of sun damage, stimulates skin cells and improves dull complexions. It can also improve circulation, and reduces signs of ageing, leaving you with a healthy golden glow.

Jewellery Quarter Gold Leaf Facial