Plasma Eye Lift Glasgow

VIVO Clinic Glasgow now offers the Plasma Eye Lift, one of the most advanced cosmetic treatments available!

What is it?

Plasma technology is a recent and revolutionary development that has made a significant impact on the beauty market. Plasma forms when gases are ionised, giving them the ability to conduct electricity. For our Plasma Eye Lift procedure, we use the HD Lipo Freeze Plasma Spark Pen to form and control plasma. We direct it onto the area above the eye to burn superficial micro-holes into the surface of the skin. These holes initially crust, but when this falls off, the skin is tighter and lifted. The precision of this procedure makes it perfect for treating the skin above the eyelid which droops with age.

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Why should I choose the Plasma Eye Lift at VIVO Clinic Glasgow?

The innovative plasma technology makes the Plasma Eye Lift a safer and easier alternative to invasive surgery. Furthermore, at VIVO Clinic in Glasgow, we are proud to say our Plasma Eye Lift procedure is affordable for our clients. We even offer aftercare serum to aid with the healing process.

Most patients benefit from just one Plasma Eye Lift treatment and begin to see results immediately after the procedure. These will continue to develop in the following two weeks. Results vary from person to person, and some patients may need another treatment to reach their desired goals. You will meet with a consultant before agreeing to go ahead with any treatment. Our consultants advise you on how many sessions you may need and discuss realistic results that you can expect to see. We will also provide you with information regarding aftercare to ensure the treatment area heals properly and yields the best results.

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At VIVO Clinic Glasgow, we acknowledge that the Plasma Eye Lift treatment sounds a bit daunting! However, the procedure is always performed by a trained practitioner so you are in safe hands! They will check if you are comfortable, and demonstrate the way the equipment works so you have all the information you need before undergoing the treatment.

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