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Plasma Eye Lift Newcastle

Our Newcastle-based clinic offers the Plasma Eye Lift, a non-invasive treatment that helps to firm and tighten the skin around the eyelids with minimal recovery time.

This cost-effective procedure uses plasma technology to revitalize the elasticity of the eyelids, resulting in long-lasting effects.

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VIVO Clinic Newcastle Upon Tyne
Based inside Collingwood Buildings
38 Collingwood St.
Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Plasma Eye Lift treatment at our Newcastle clinic has proven to be incredibly long-lasting, with the potential to maintain results for up to two years with proper care and a healthy lifestyle.

This procedure utilizes micro-burns to eliminate excess skin from the eyelid, resulting in a permanent tightening effect.

It’s worth noting, though, that it does not halt the natural ageing process of the eyelids.

Plasma Eye Lift

Most of our clients at the Newcastle clinic are able to achieve successful results from the Plasma Eye Lift treatment after just one or two visits.

However, some individuals may need more sessions based on their age and the condition of their eyelids.

To determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs, we recommend consulting with one of our knowledgeable professionals before scheduling any appointments.

The Plasma Eye Lift treatment at our Newcastle location usually takes around an hour to finish.

However, if you have an extra consultation with the clinician during your treatment, the visit may take more than the usual hour in the office.

The Plasma Eye Lift procedure involves the use of the Lipo Freeze Plasma Spark Pen to produce plasma by ionizing gases in the air.

The pen has a 0.3mm needle surface that causes small, superficial burns on the eyelid skin without causing any harm.

These plasma burns appear as small dots and are created when skin tissue is vaporised, leaving behind a carbon crust.

The carbon crusts will eventually shed off and the skin will become supple and tighter after the treatment.

The Plasma Eye Lift procedure is generally not associated with significant pain for most patients.

However, some individuals may experience a level of discomfort during the procedure.

This discomfort can range from mild to severe and is dependent on the person’s personal pain threshold.

If you experience discomfort during the treatment, it is important to let your clinician know so that they can take steps to alleviate it.

After undergoing a Plasma Eye Lift, it is not uncommon for patients to experience a few temporary side effects, such as scabbing, swelling, and redness.

These symptoms usually subside within a few hours of the procedure, though the scabbing may take a couple of days to heal fully.

Some people may also feel irritation after the procedure, but this should resolve quickly.

After a Plasma Eye Lift, the recovery process usually lasts from 3 to 14 days.

It is common for scabs to appear, but they usually disappear within a week.

Some swelling and redness may also happen, but these symptoms should go away within two weeks.

Plasma Eye Lift

During the initial six weeks after a Plasma Eye Lift treatment, it is necessary to protect the treated area from the sun with a broad-spectrum sunscreen and to avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Additionally, it is important to maintain cleanliness and dryness in the area and to avoid using makeup or mascara until the treated area has fully recovered.

To clean the treated area, only use warm water.

If swelling occurs, applying cold compresses can be helpful.

It is crucial to avoid scratching the treated area, as it can lead to infection or scarring.

Some individuals may experience light blistering or notice their skin appearing pink during the healing process, but this should eventually return to its normal colour once healing is complete.

There are certain medical conditions or circumstances that could prevent a person from undergoing the Plasma Eye Lift procedure.

These may include health issues, previous surgery or laser treatments in the eye area, pregnancy or breastfeeding, a pacemaker, metal implants or pins in the treatment area, cancer, or HIV/autoimmune disorders.

It is important to inform our clinicians about any of these conditions before beginning the Plasma Eye Lift treatment.

At our Newcastle clinic, we offer a range of Plasma Eye Lift options to help our clients attain their desired outcomes from the treatment.

These options include:

  • Standard Plasma Eye Lift: This treatment involves utilising evenly spaced plasma burns on both the upper and lower eyelids for tightening effects.
  • Compact Plasma Eye Lift: This treatment method treats a large area of eyelid skin with concentrated plasma burns.
  • Fine Lines: This is a more focused form of treatment that uses plasma to address the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

It is essential to speak with our clinical practitioners at VIVO Clinic Newcastle to determine the most suitable treatment option for you based on your goals.

Our Newcastle clinic offers a variety of non-invasive facial treatments that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Some of the most popular choices include:

HIFU Facelift



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