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Vaginal Tightening Newcastle

FemiWand Vaginal Tightening is now available at our Newcastle Clinic.

Vaginal laxity (loosening) is a sensitive subject. Fortunately, our experienced female practitioners are on hand to make you as comfortable as possible when you have a FemiWand vaginal tightening treatment at VIVO Clinic Newcastle.

Vaginal laxity can occur with age as elasticity of the collagen fibres degrades. It is also common when someone has given birth. Whatever the cause, it’s a problem for many women which can make them feel less confident.

Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible, and not just during the vaginal tightening treatment itself. When you come for a consultation or speak to our staff over the phone, you will be dealing with an experienced female practitioner who understands that it can be a difficult issue to talk about and deal with. As with all our treatments, your privacy is our priority.
Vaginal Rejuvination

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
Procedure Time
30 minutes (approx)
Back to Work
Back to Work
Not required
Full Recovery
Full Recovery
Sesitivity Period
Sensitivity Period
2-3 days estimated
Number of Treatments
No. of Treatments
1-2 treatment
1-90 days
Duration of Results
Results Duration
Two years
Risks and Complications
Potential Risks
Mild redness & tenderness

What is FemiWand Vaginal Tightening?

FemiWand is our own, highly advanced vaginal tightening technology which uses HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) to target layers below the superficial level of the vaginal wall.

Causes of vaginal laxity:

  • Ageing
  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Smoking
  • Hysterectomies
  • Giving birth

The treatment can cause a long-term change as the nodal energy points induce collagen and elastic reproduction. The sophistication and accuracy of FemiWand allows us to fully control the intensity, movement and targeting of the applicator.

Slide Avatar “I now feel a lot more confident. The treatment went really well and it was not long until I started to see results.” Mrs M, West Midlands Slide Avatar “I saw the FemiWand treatment on ITV and was a bit nervous about it but on the day the girl was really nice and put my mind at ease. “ Miss M, Manchester Slide Avatar “ Not very comfortable, but not unpleasant
and the results were well worth it. "
Kay, North London
Slide Avatar “ Much more affordable than surgery.
I now get more feeling during intimate times. "
Mrs X, Birmingham

The treatment at our Newcastle clinic takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and most clients report no pain or need for downtime.


Tanya Bardsley's visit to VIVO Clinic in The Daily Mail The Sun writes about the celebrity visit to VIVO Clinic The Mail Online has a clip from the ITV show The Daily Express writes about the FemiWand treatment



Type of Treatment Price Special Offer
Superficial Tightening £158 £99
Muscular Tightening £400 £299
Type of Treatment Price Special Offer
Superficial Tightening €175 €110
Muscular Tightening €440 €330
Type of Treatment Price Special Offer
Superficial Tightening $205 $130
Muscular Tightening $520 $390
Type of Treatment Price Special Offer
Superficial Tightening DH 4625 DH 2900
Muscular Tightening DH 11710 DH 8755

Please Note - our London clinics have a £50 treatment surcharge


How long do results take?

Full results can take up to 90 days*. Most clients only require one treatment, however, occasionally up to three treatments are required depending on how well your body responds to the process.


This clip from ITV’s This Morning shows a similar treatment.


Following the treatment

It is recommended that you refrain from intercourse for 24 hours following the treatment.

There are other post-treatment considerations that your practitioner will discuss with you on the day.


Vaginal Tightening

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