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Cryolipolysis Nottingham

Advanced HD Lipo Freeze fat reduction is now available at our Nottingham Clinic.

Non-invasive fat freezing, popularly known as Cryolipolysis, has become increasingly popular in the UK. At our Nottingham clinic, we use the most advanced High-Definition technology, capable of reducing fat by 22% in a single session*.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
Procedure Time
30 mins
Back to Work
Back to Work
Not required
Full Recovery
Full Recovery
Sesitivity Period
Sensitivity Period
2-3 days estimated
Number of Treatments
No. of Treatments
1-2 treatment
4-12 weeks
Duration of Results
Results Duration
Long term results
Risks and Complications
Potential Risks
Mild Redness, slight numbness up to 7 days

The machine utilises two applicators of varying sizes. The size and number of applicators used will depend on the area or areas which are being treated.

The fat is sucked into the applicators where it is safely cooled using thermo-regulating technology.

When the area is maintained at sub-zero temperatures, fat cells will begin to die. Dead fat cells leave the body via the lymphatic system and once removed they cannot come back.

The advanced nature of the Cryolipolysis technology means that this process can be completed without causing lasting damage to the skin or surrounding tissue.

Fat Freeze Process

Why is Cryolipolysis so popular?

The popularity of fat freezing has been accelerated by its adoption within the celebrity community. VIVO Clinic’s doors are often graced by celebrity faces, including stars of ITV’s ‘Real Housewives’.

HD Lipo Freeze has become the treatment of choice for many as the advanced technology makes it far more effective than most competing brands, such as CoolScuplting.

At VIVO Clinic Nottingham, we pride ourselves on being able to provide this treatment at an affordable price.



5 Year Anniversary Sale. Ends October 31st at 4pm

Number of Areas Price Special Offer
1 £89 £59
2 £139 £99
4 £249 £195
8 + Transformation £409 £299
Number of Areas Price Special Offer
1 €105 €70
2 €165 €115
4 €290 €230
8 + Transformation €475 €350
Number of Areas Price Special Offer
1 $115 $80
2 $180 $130
4 $325 $255
8 + Transformation $530 $390
Number of Areas Price Special Offer
1 R1695 R1125
2 R2650 R1885
4 R4745 R3715
8 + Transformation R7790 R5695

Please Note - our London clinics have a £50 treatment surcharge

Surgery vs Fat Freezing

The question for many is whether to undergo treatment such as Cryolipolysis or instead opt for a surgical option, such as liposuction.

While there is no denying the beneficial results of surgery, there are also severe and potentially dangerous drawbacks which can make non-surgical alternatives a more appealing approach,

For example, the costs of surgery are significantly higher than the cost of fat freezing. There are also several risks and potential complications that make surgery an option that should not be considered lightly.

Cryolipolysis Nottinghanm

Does long does it take for Cryolipolysis to work?

Following your treatment, we recommend that you follow our aftercare instructions, which will be provided to you in a helpful and easy to understand leaflet.

For best results, we recommend that you adopt or continue a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Results vary from person to person with most results being experienced within the twelve weeks following your treatment.


Book a Cryolipolysis consultation at VIVO Clinic Nottingham. Our friendly practitioner will be happy to discuss your goals and answer any questions you have about the treatment

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