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Radio Frequency Tummy Tightening

Radio Frequency Tummy Tightening is a clinically proven, non-invasive treatment designed to reduce sagging and tighten the skin on the abdomen.

Loose abdominal skin can occur for several reasons including ageing, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy. In the past, people have opted for tummy tightening surgery. However, the risks and cost associated with going under the knife are considerable.

Fortunately, with advances in non-invasive technology, VIVO Clinic now offers a safe and affordable alternative to surgery for clients wishing to tighten and rejuvenate abdominal skin.

Understanding your requirements is paramount. Booking a free phone consultation will enable us to understand your concerns and recommend a treatment or course of treatments that coincide with your goals.

Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes, during which time you can relax, have a cup or tea or coffee and enjoy our in-clinic television.

Our clients describe the treatment as relaxing. The applicator is carefully monitored as it reaches temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius.


Tummy Tightening



The complete procedure will last no longer than 40 minutes, allowing clients to resume their regular activities immediately afterwards.

A course of treatments may be required for optimal results*.


Number of Treatments Price Special Offer
1 £218 £175
2 £328 £296
3 £548 £340
Number of Treatments Price Special Offer
1 €260 €210
2 €385 €350
3 €645 €400
Number of Treatments Price Special Offer
1 $300 $245
2 $455 $410
3 $755 $470
Number of Treatments Price Special Offer
1 DH 6690 DH 5370
2 DH 10065 DH 9085
3 DH 16815 DH 10435

Please Note - our London clinics have a £50 treatment surcharge

Tummy Tightening Sessions

The Radio Frequency Tummy Tightening apparatus facilitates the regrowth of collagen fibres as a result of carefully targeted thermal energy. The nature of your goals and your responsiveness to the treatment will dictate how many sessions are required. In some cases, a single session may successfully achieve the desired results* (see research). However, in other cases multiple sessions may be required, in which case we offer discounts for block bookings.

*Results may vary. VIVO Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.

Before & Aftercare

Ensure that the skin that is going to be treated is clean and free of moisturisers or make-up.

If you are undertaking multiple sessions, we recommend you take regular photographs to document your progress as this may help us to adapt your treatment plan.