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Fat Freezing Newcastle

Fat Freezing treatments at VIVO Clinic Newcastle

VIVO Clinic Newcastle offers highly-advanced fat freezing. Fat freeze, sometimes called Cryolipolysis, is the process of reducing fat cells by freezing them to a temperature that they can no longer survive at.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
Procedure Time
30-60 minutes per area
Back to Work
Back to Work
Not required
Full Recovery
Full Recovery
Sesitivity Period
Sensitivity Period
2-3 days estimated
Number of Treatments
No. of Treatments
1-2 treatment
4-12 weeks*
Duration of Results
Results Duration
Long term results*
Risks and Complications
Potential Risks
Mild Redness, slight numbness up to 7 days

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat freeze goes by many names, including cold lipolysis. At VIVO Clinic Newcastle we use our own advanced technology called HD Lipo Freeze.

HD Lipo Freeze was designed with convivence in mind. Each applicator can treat large areas simultaneously. This means our clients require fewer treatments.

The applicators freeze the fat without causing permanent damage to the skin and surrounding tissue. Meanwhile, sensors inside the applicator monitor the process to ensure that the applicators remain at the optimum temperature.

You may see some temporary bruising following the treatment, but fat freezing requires no downtime.

Fat Freezing

How long does it take?

Sessions last between 30-60 minutes. Often a single session will be all that is required, though this can vary depending on the size of area(s) that require treatment and your responsiveness to the process*.

Within 12 weeks, reductions of up to 22% can result in the treated area(s)*.

Fat Freezing Newcastle

When will I see results?

Once the fat cells are dead they leave the body through a natural process. Dead fat cells don’t come back. For optimal results following your fat freezing sessions at VIVO Clinic Newcastle, we recommend that you adopt of continue a healthy lifestyle and diet.

There is lots of information on healthy eating and exercise on our news page.


Number of Areas Price Special Offer
1 £98 £59
2 £158 £99
4 £258 £195
8 Transformation £400 £299
Number of Areas Price Special Offer
1 €110 €70
2 €175 €110
4 €290 €220
8 Transformation €445 €335
Number of Areas Price Special Offer
1 $135 $80
2 $215 $135
4 $350 $265
8 Transformation $540 $405
Number of Areas Price Special Offer
1 DH 2870 DH 1730
2 DH 4620 DH 2895
4 DH 7545 DH 5705
8 Transformation DH 11700 DH 8745

Please Note - our London clinics have a £50 treatment surcharge

Please note that prices listed are for guidance purposes and vary by the location of each clinic. Please check the prices for each location by calling us on 0333 012 4956.


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Fat Freezing Newcastle

Book a fat freezing consultation at our Newcastle clinic using the button below. The consultation will help us to understand your requirements and together we will try and achieve your goals.

We recommend that all of our clients research the treatment for their own peace of mind and we’re happy to answer any questions that you have about fat reduction treatments at our clinics.