Non-Surgical Breast Lift

Our Non-Surgical Breast Lift treatment is designed to give you fuller, and firmer breasts. The painless procedure can produce immediate results, with more long lasting results if you undergo a course of treatments (see research).

Unlike surgery, our Breast Lift treatment is designed to enhance your bodies assets in a safe a natural way, without breaking the bank.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
Procedure Time
30 minutes per session
Back to Work
Back to Work
No down-time
Not required
Full Recovery
Full Recovery*
Sesitivity Period
Sensitivity Period
1-3 days estimated
Number of Treatments
No. of Treatments
1-8 treatment(s)
Duration of Results
Results Duration*
Potentially Long-term
Risks and Complications
Potential Risks
Mild Redness

*Results may vary. VIVO Clinic cannot guarantee specific results


Breast Lift


Breast Lift Prices

Superficial results may be seen after a single session (see research), and these can last for several days. For more long lasting results we recommend a longer course treatments.

Number of Sessions Price Special Offer
1 £109 £99
4 £319 £309
8 £569 £559
Number of Sessions Price Special Offer
1 €130 €120
4 €375 €365
8 €670 €660
Number of Sessions Price Special Offer
1 $150 $140
4 $440 $430
8 $785 $770
Number of Sessions Price Special Offer
1 DH 3345 DH 3040
4 DH 9790 DH 9485
8 DH 17460 DH 17155

Please Note - our London clinics have a £50 treatment surcharge

Breast Lift - Before and After

How does it work?

Cupping is based on the tried and tested principles of Chinese medicine, which dates back many centuries. Combining this process with the latest in technological advancements allows us to provide a uniquely effective treatment.

In addition to the vacuum suction, we use intense pulse light therapy (IPL), radio frequency massage and light therapy.

The session lasts approximately 30 minutes, during which time the combined technologies will increase the blood flow in the capillaries, thickening the connective tissue and encouraging enlargement of the breasts.

Breast Enhancement

The suction causes the muscles below the breast to contract and strengthen, and causes the breasts to appear firmer while the muscles remain tight. Over the course of treatments, the muscles will gain a more permanent state as they become stronger and more toned, leading to a fuller appearance on the surface*.

VIVO Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.


The process will naturally reduce toxins which will leave the body via the lymphatic system. The Breast Lift is natural and non-invasive.

The treatment can also be performed on a single breast as a way of treating uneven sizing.

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