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Woman Experience Anxiety in Front of a Laptop

Are you in danger of catching Covid a second time?

A recent resurgence of Covid cases in the UK sees many previously recovered individuals get infected again. As England is...
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Assorted Travel Items of Unvaccinated Travellers

Covid: Day 2 PCR test for unvaccinated travellers

The new travel rules have streamlined foreign travel for everyone who is fully vaccinated, but unvaccinated travellers still need the...
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Covid Vaccine and Airplane Model

Are booster jabs mandatory for foreign travel?

With many countries imposing an expiration date on vaccine passes, booster jabs are becoming increasingly important for overseas travel. Getting...
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Two Suitcases at an Airport

Why do Covid vaccine passports expire after 270 days?

Several EU countries, including Spain and the Netherlands, recently imposed a 270-day validity period on Covid vaccine passports. Here’s why....
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Man with Covid Document on Smartphone

Which Covid tests are still required for foreign travel?

The revised rules for travel Covid tests will come into effect from 11 February; while several travel tests will be...
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PCR Test and COVID-19 Vaccine

Are Covid jabs compulsory for everyone?

With countless receiving the booster jabs and many employers requiring workers to become fully vaccinated, have the Covid vaccines become...
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Hand Sanitizer and Masks

The current rules for wearing masks in the UK

As the Plan B rules are officially scrapped, the question lingers of when and where people are expected to be...
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A Man on Holiday after the New Travel Rules Introduction

Covid: What are the new travel rules in England?

The current Covid testing requirements for travellers coming into England and Scotland are set to be replaced by new travel...
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Image Relating Covid-19 Vaccine to Global Travel

Covid: Will vaccines be essential for future holidays?

The steady COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the lockdown lifting has renewed hopes for the summer holidays. After maintaining strict social...
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The Novavax Vaccine (NVX-Cov2373)

 How effective is the Novavax Vaccine? The Novavax vaccine, a new COVID-19 vaccine being trialled and tested in the UK,...
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Sputnik V Vaccine

The Sputnik V Vaccine

Russia has manufactured the Sputnik V vaccine, currently being used in several countries, to combat the Covid-19 virus. How effective...
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Vaccine Development

When will there be a COVID-19 Vaccine

To race to find a COVID-19 vaccine is well underway but there is still a long way to go until...
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COVID-19 Vaccine

What is a Vaccine?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we're going to be publishing a series of articles exploring vaccines. The UK...
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