Clinic Directory

Our new clinic directory and treatment finder

The popularity of the treatments and the quality service that we provide at VIVO Clinic have allowed us to rapidly expand our operation, not just in the UK, but around the world.

We now have clinics in Ireland, South Africa, and North America. As a result of this expansion, we’ve revisited the information on our website to make it easier for our customers to find what they’re looking for.


Contact Page

Our contact page has always featured the address, phone numbers, and directions for all clinics, but this information can now be accessed by simply selecting your nearest clinics from the dropdown list. This is particularly useful for visitors using the site on a smartphone as they no longer have to scroll through all the locations to find what they need.

The maps have now been separated by tabs, allowing you to choose your country and see the clinics that operate in that region.

Clinic Directory

Not all our clinics offer the same services. By popular demand, we have now created an information page for each of our clinic locations. These pages each have the following features:

  • An external photograph of the clinic
  • An interactive map
  • Full address and phone number
  • Directions link
  • A list of all the available treatment

Each page also shows the aggregate rating of the clinic based on previous customer reviews.

These pages can be accessed by selecting the city or country from the very top of the page.


All the pricing tables on the site now show prices in multiple currencies. Visitors considering a treatment can select their countries flag to see the price in their local currency.

Moving forward

The changes we’ve made to the site are just some of the ways that we’re continually improving our service as we grow.



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