The 5 FREE Best Weight Loss Apps of 2015

Which weight loss app is best for you?

Technology can help you to achieve your weight loss goals and we’ve searched far and wide to bring you the five best weight loss apps that are about. Whether your just getting back into exercise or you’re already a keen athlete, these tools will help you track your progress and achieve your goals. As well as exercise, apps that monitor your calorie intake are also a great way of staying on top of your diet.

5) BMI Calculator

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BMI stands for body mass index. Some bathroom scales will tell you your BMI which is great but if not, this simple free weight loss app will calculate it for you, based on your weight and your height. Knowing your BMI gives you a solid foundation on which to launch your weight loss process. The app can also calculate your calorie intake and body fat %.


4)  Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

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When you boil it down, weight loss is about two things, eating less and moving more, aka diet and exercise and this weight loss app by MyFitnessPal combines to two very well indeed. You can accurately log your calorie intake as there is a database of over three million foods so whether you’re eating in or going out, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find and log what you ate on the app.

The app also has 400 exercises for you to try and build into a routine.


3) Nike + Running

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Running is a great form of exercise and with the Nike app you can track your runs in order to improve performance and manage your goals. This weight loss app will help motivate you as you can race against other people online or against yourself. The app will capture more data than you know what to do with including distance, climb and calories burned.


2) FitBit

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Health trackers are all the rage now and this weight loss app needs to be used in conjunction with a FitBit tracker which can be bought online. FitBit trackers come in various shapes and sizes with the most simple one calculating the number of steps you take a day and the most advanced one recording steps taken, floors climbed, time spent exercising, sleep patterns and heart rate. All of this data is tracked from within the app which can be a great way to monitor your day to day fitness.


1) VIVO Weight Loss App

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We’re a little biased putting the VIVO weight loss app in the top five, but if you have undertaken a non-invasive weight loss procedure such as Cryolipolysis at VIVO Clinic in Birmingham then this app can be an essential tool in continuing to progress towards your weight loss goals. What sets this app apart from the competition is the powerful dashboard which is monitored by both you and your consultant at VIVO Clinic. The app will allow you to set goals and monitor progress.



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