Leanne Brown – Real Housewive of Cheshire has Brazilian Bum Lift

Leanne Brown pops into VIVO Clinic for a bum lift and fat freeze.

Leanne Brown from ITV’s Real Housewives of Cheshire visited VIVO Clinic for two of our most popular treatments.

The ITV show is no stranger to our clinics. Previously, an episode has seen the stars experience our FemiWand treatment.

This time it was Leanne Brown’s time for some pampering as she was treated to champagne while enjoying two of her treatments.

Leanne Brown

The Brazilian Bum Lift

Suction cups, used in tandem with miro-currents were used to reposition that fat on Leanne Brown’s bottom.

Brazilian Bum Lift

The lifting and reshaping treatment was previously used at VIVO Clinic by Ampika on the last season of the show.

The treatment may look bizarre, but it is perfectly safe and effective at lifting and toning the derriere*.

Fat Freezing

While at our Manchester clinic, Leanne Brown had our signature HD Lipo Freeze cryolipolysis treatment. Fat freezing is an advanced treatment that freezes fat cells. It is particularly effective* at treating stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond well to diet and exercise.


The advanced sensors in the applicators cool the fat the optimal temperature without damaging the skin.


Media Attention

The popular ITVBe show garners much media attention when its stars visit our clinic.

In this latest outing, the story was covered by The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Evening News and OK Magazine.

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