SIXPAD: What You Need to Know

Fitness technology has boomed over the last few years and continues to do so. There are hundreds of different fitness trackers and smartwatches that count everything from calories burned to how much sleep you get. SIXPAD is one of the latest technologies to emerge into the fitness market, offering equipment to train your muscles while you are simply sitting on the sofa.


What makes SIXPAD different from other fitness brands and technology?

SIXPAD products belong to the category of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices. These use electrical pulses to stimulate the muscles into contracting, making them stronger artificially. The reason these products differ from others is that they use a frequency of 20Hz. Founder Toshio Moritani discovered this was the most effective frequency for training muscles. You can also link the stimulator pads up to your smartphone with a unique app to see which areas the pads are targeting, and pick the program that is right for you. The app also gives you advice on how to proceed with your training and teaches you about your body.


These stimulators are a good way of keeping up your muscle training on a rest day between active workouts, and for targeting muscles that are hard to tire out. SIXPAD offer stimulator pads for the arms, legs, waist and legs. Their training program is twenty-three minutes and involves four main training intervals of five minutes. You don’t have to do anything except press the Start button. The stimulator goes through the training automatically and switches itself off once it has finished.

SIXPAD now also offer a Training Suit. This increases your muscle activity by creating resistance when you are carrying out everyday activities. The research states that your muscle activity increases by roughly 1.3 times when wearing the Training Suit. When you bend your knee, the Training Suit will provide resistance to exercise the hamstring muscles on the back of the thigh. This means that you can work your muscles while doing normal daily activities such as walking to work!

Fitness Technology

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