Medical technology foretold in science-fiction

Here at VIVO Clinic, we are huge fans of modern medical technology. Today, we look at medical innovations originally envisioned in sci-fi which are now being used in real life.

Most of what we do at VIVO Clinic is only possible because of the recent developments in modern medical science. Take, for instance, our HIFU Facelift treatment or our Cryotherapy treatment for skin imperfections; would either have been achievable without the tremendous visions of the creators of the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound tech or the CryoPen™?

Even a mere decade or two back, the idea of the cutting-edge non-surgical methods that we employ would have seemed like something out of a science-fiction TV show or novel. In fact, science-fiction has not only been predicting but informing technological advancements for decades now.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of such medical technologies. These were first introduced in the realm of fiction as something unattainable and wondrous but now have real-world applications.

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The Scanadu Scout

The Scanadu Scout is a petite and compact scanning device which when placed on a patient’s forehead, is able to return physiological data in under 10 seconds. If you are a fan of the science fiction TV show Star Trek, you can see the basic makings of the Tricorder in Scanadu’s equipment. The Tricorder, like the Scout, albeit far more advanced, is used for instant diagnosis of patients. Scanadu, the company responsible for the creation of this device, actually intends to build an actual, functioning Tricorder-like gadget in the near future.

As a matter of fact, Swiss designer and entrepreneur Yves Béhar, the mind behind the Scout technology, is worth looking up. He has designed many a technological wonderment that is sure to bewilder the mind.

ReCell from Avita

Only recently approved by the FDA, the ReCell is a spray-on skin treatment for acute burns and wounds. Yes, you read that right. If you have watched the recent sci-fi hit The Mandalorian, you know what sort of ground-breaking tech I speak of. After taking grave injuries in battle, the titular protagonist has a droid apply Bacta Spray to the damaged areas of his body, and just like the wounds heal. You may also compare this tech to Tony Stark’s healing spray from the blockbuster Avengers Infinity War, where Stark sprays his battle wounds which leads to recovery.

ReCell is a stem cell treatment where a small sample is extracted from the patient to create live stem cells slurry, which is then sprayed on a patient’s wounds or burns. The skin cells applied then grow and spread until the entire treatment area is covered, quite literally growing new skin. Compared to traditional skin grafts, there is no subsequent scarring or pain, and the treatment is complete in just a few short weeks.


Exosuits have been a part of popular science-fiction for some time now. We have all watched the 80’s action sci-fi flick RoboCop with wonder, and, as mentioned in the previous entry, Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit is a work of marvel (get it?). And, of course, the ever-famous (or infamous) Darth Vader from Star Wars. There is something exceptionally fascinating about futuristic technology enhancing the human body.

In the not-too-distant past of 2014, the FDA approved ReWalk. It is bionic technology that assists people with lower-body paralysis to walk, stand and sit. The robotic device comprises of a brace that is attached to the legs and part of the upper body, which allows motors to facilitate movements of the hips and joints of the legs.

NovoGen Bioprinter by Organovo

This is possibly the pinnacle of modern medical technology – 3D printed organs made from actual human tissue. Organovo, a biotech research company based in California, designs and produces 3D printed human tissue to be used for medical testing and therapeutic functions. The firm’s VP has also announced that 3D bioprinting could be used to initiate cell regeneration in human patients as well as restore portions of existing tissues.

How often have we seen this kind of technology being used in modern sci-fi? Take Star Trek for instance; the in-universe Replicators do precisely this. The machine is used for rematerializing matter to create food, clothes, and, yes, replacement organs for living beings.


However far-fetched or miraculous technology in science-fiction may seem, sometimes the truth can be a slight bit stranger. What we take for granted today, perhaps would have appeared fantastical to our ancestors of mere decades past. And talking of revolutionary medical tech in the present day, be sure check out some of the services provided by VIVO Clinic.

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