Zwift Running Makes Treadmill Training Fun Again

Zwift uses the latest technology to put the fun back into exercise without making you work any harder. Gone are the days of you running on a treadmill in the same room over and over again! This app transforms your surroundings and transports you all around the world so you can run and explore at the same time. These virtual routes let you run through cities such as London, and natural landscapes. You can even run past volcanoes and up mountains.

To use this technology, you need a treadmill and a supported device that will allow the download of the app (PC, Mac, iOS device, or Apple TV). This enables you to see your route and let the outdoors into your home. If you do not have a smart treadmill, you also need a Stryd footpad, which you attach to your shoe to keep track of your movement. The footpad records all your hard work and links to your virtual character so they run at the right pace. Zwift connects to the internet so you can run with people all over the world, or run with your friends.

Zwift Running

Zwift designs workouts and training programs to fit you, for example, if you are training for a marathon or event. As you are part of a community, you will always feel motivated to push yourself. There are also prizes available for reaching your goals. This technology has so many benefits and revolutionises exercise, transforming it from a monotonous task into an exciting experience that is different every time. Running has never looked so appealing! Find out more here.

Zwift also has a cycling function. For this, you need a bicycle, bicycle trainer and compatible device to run the program.

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