Laser hair removal: The best time to begin treatment

You want to be ready for all the summertime beach fun; near the end of autumn would be the perfect time to start your laser hair removal sessions.

While laser hair removal is one of the safest and most effective methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, it is also time-consuming and requires a short period of careful preparation followed by a bit of aftercare. The lasting results do make it worth putting the slight effort in the end.

You will not have to sit through the regular torments of waxing nor spend another penny on razors or those over-priced refills ever again. Worth waiting through 6-8 sessions spaced weeks apart and taking extra good care of yourself? Most definitely.

Despite no reduction in the time required for the treatment, things can be made much easier by simply having your laser hair removal sessions take place mostly during winter.

Yes, winter is the best time for you to undergo the treatment. But for the bulk of your in-clinic sessions to take place during the season of fluffy blankets and festive bells, it is crucial that you begin treatment near the end of autumn. By the time you would have your very last session, summer may be playfully knocking on at the door.

So, why is winter the best time for the treatment?

A Woman's Underarm Area after a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Minimal UV ray exposure

This is, possibly, one of the more essential reasons why we advise you to consider wintertime for your treatment: the limited amount of sunlight.

Laser treatments are never performed on tanned skin, natural or otherwise. And after every treatment session, the skin must be protected from direct sunlight for a week or so.

Considering that the entire treatment spans 6-8 weeks, and each session is scheduled a week or so from each other, sunscreens and full sleeves tend to become a full-time way of life.

Rather, if you schedule your laser hair removal in-clinic appointments during winter, you can go about your life without bringing about too much change.

In short, less sun during winter and less to worry about.

Easier to let your body hair grow

One of the first things you will be advised to do right before the treatment begins is to stop waxing or plucking your hair completely. You will be asked to simply shave the treatment area 24 hours before each laser session.

During the treatment, laser emissions are directed on the hair follicles in order to dismantle them permanently. If the laser’s beam were to be directed towards the hair, there would be painful burns, pigmentation, and possible scarring.

Therefore, hair from the area of the skin undergoing treatment must not be plucked out or waxed. These hair removal methods tend to disrupt the hair follicles’ growth cycles. Once disrupted, it takes the follicles 4-6 weeks before they are at the ideal stage for the treatment.

When you are letting the hair grow, it can become challenging to hide it in shorts and half-sleeved tops. However, during colder days, the concealing of unwanted hair sort of takes care of itself. You know, under the many layers of practical clothing for the season.

A Woman's Hairless Legs

Less sweating is better for the treatment

The whole treatment revolves around heating hair follicles until they are permanently dismantled. We use the Tri-beam ICE technology for our laser hair removal treatments. It is one of the best there is when it comes to effective results paired with maximum comfort; the Tri-beam ICE’s applicator uses an instant cooling technique that ensures minimal discomfort.

Despite the cooling effect, the laser beams cause the skin of the treated area to be extra-sensitive to heat for the subsequent 24-48 hours.

After each session, you will be instructed not to expose yourself to direct heat or partake in activities that cause excessive sweating. These include working out, spending time in the sauna, or taking hot showers.

Logically, winter is the best time to prevent sweat from happening. For your part, you will simply have to avoid a hot shower or bath for 48 hours.

Woman Walking along the Edge of a Beach

The takeaway

With the daylight condition and overall weather in winter, laser hair removal can go smoother than it already does. Plus, you will be totally ready in time for beach weather and unhindered sunbaths.


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