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Fat Freezing Cardiff

New Fat Freezing Treatment in Cardiff: 10 Things to Expect

Are you considering fat freezing in Cardiff to achieve your body contouring goals?
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Cryolipolysis Belfast

Belfast Clinic Now Offering Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis

Belfast residents intrigued by non-invasive fat reduction might find cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, particularly relevant. This cosmetic procedure has gained...
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Fit to Fly PCR Tests for Foreign Travel

When should I take a COVID test?

With new Covid symptoms added to the official guidance and free tests scrapped; is taking a COVID test no longer...
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Woman Experience Anxiety in Front of a Laptop

Are you in danger of catching Covid a second time?

A recent resurgence of Covid cases in the UK sees many previously recovered individuals get infected again. As England is...
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A Woman Suffering from Covid Symptoms

What are the new Covid symptoms?

The UKHSA has updated the official guidance to add nine new Covid symptoms to the already existing list of indicators....
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A Travel Ready Woman Wearing a Facemask

Covid Recovery Certificate: 65 Countries you can easily visit

Several countries around the world accept a Covid recovery certificate in place of a fully vaccinated status from travellers. When...
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An Airplane Midflight after the End of Covid Travel Rules

All Covid travel rules ending in the UK

While there has been a gradual easing of the Covid travel rules in the UK over the past months, the...
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A PCR Test Being Done in a Laboratory

Free Covid tests are ending in England

As part of the government’s ‘living with Covid’ plan, free Covid tests will soon be made unavailable for nearly everyone...
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A Happy Family Living with Covid

England’s new plan for ‘living with Covid’

England’s new ‘living with Covid’ plan involves ending mandatory self-isolation requirements along with other restrictions. The government has introduced a...
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A Woman in Foreign Country taking Photos

Rapid Covid test before flying from the UK

You can now receive your Fit to Fly certificate instantly when you take a Covid test before flying from the...
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Fit to Fly PCR Tests made easy

If you are about to embark on a trip abroad and your destination country requires pre-travel PCR tests, we have...
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58 Countries that accept pre-travel lateral flow tests

The UK recently updated travel rules making travel easier; what countries can be visited using the more affordable lateral flow...
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Man with Covid Document on Smartphone

Which Covid tests are still required for foreign travel?

The revised rules for travel Covid tests will come into effect from 11 February; while several travel tests will be...
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Hand Sanitizer and Masks

The current rules for wearing masks in the UK

As the Plan B rules are officially scrapped, the question lingers of when and where people are expected to be...
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A Man on Holiday after the New Travel Rules Introduction

Covid: What are the new travel rules in England?

The current Covid testing requirements for travellers coming into England and Scotland are set to be replaced by new travel...
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