No Time To Exercise?

Want to lose weight or have a more toned body, but have no time to exercise? It is very easy to get swept up in modern life, where all the free time we want or need seems to disappear before our eyes. This could be a result of a variety of reasons such as work, families, or random tasks that pop up out of nowhere.

Don’t worry – we understand, and we’ve got you sorted! VIVO Clinic is all about looking after you and your health, so we’ve put some suggestions together so you can get that exercise with no hassle whatsoever!

Cycle to Work

One option is to cycle to work, which has so many benefits. It is environmentally friendly, cheaper than other transport, and it is a good and easy way of getting in some cardio. As this is all built into your routine, there is no need to spare extra time to exercise later in the day.

Three People Riding Bicycles

Count Your Steps

Devices that can monitor your steps and the calories you have burned are a great way of helping you lose weight and become healthier. Again, this can easily fit into your daily routine and may lead to you making healthier choices, such as walking to work rather than getting the bus.

Bird's Eye View of Pedestrians on Zebra Crossing

The Best Solution: Work Out At Home

The best option for many who have little time to exercise is to work out at home. But we understand that even then, mornings or evenings are unpredictable, and sparing an hour is suddenly impossible. The good news is, you can still challenge your body and work up a sweat in as little as five to ten minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not fitness professionals, so only do what you know you are capable of. If you have an injury, adapt exercises, so you are not causing yourself pain. Furthermore, consult a professional if you are unsure of what exercises you can or cannot do.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Depending on your goals, for instance, if you are hoping to lose weight, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) may be the right choice for you. These sessions are typically short anyway, as the aim is to challenge your body and give it your all in a short space of time. Active intervals are often only twenty to thirty seconds each, with as little as ten seconds in between to make sure your body is working as much as possible. As well as this, it is good to repeat each exercise two or three times, to wear out those muscles. If you did five exercises three times for twenty seconds each, with a ten-second rest in between, and a minute either side for a warm-up and stretch, this takes under ten minutes!

Man Performing Push-ups With a Child on His Back

The best thing about home workouts is that you can design and adapt them according to your ability and goals. For instance, if you have knee problems, then you can modify jumping lunges to step lunges, or a lunge pulse, to put less pressure on your knees but still get an effective burning feeling!

Bodyweight Exercises

If you would like a less cardio-intensive workout, then there are plenty of other options you can do, that can help build strength and tone your body. Simply doing four or five exercises in a plank position – positioning your weight on your elbows and toes, keeping your body in a straight line – for a minute each can challenge your body. It is a common conception that people need to use weights to build muscle. While this is certainly an effective way of doing so, you can easily build muscle and tone from using your bodyweight, though the process may be slower. Exercises such as push-ups, squats, and planks are ideal for this, and there are so many ways you can adapt them to challenge yourself if they get too easy.

A Woman Doing a Plank

How do I find the time to exercise?

Regarding finding time to exercise, you don’t even need to reserve a time slot to complete these suggested activities. You could do them while you’re waiting for your dinner to cook, or in the advert break of a TV program. Five or ten minutes of exercise may not feel like enough, but if you work hard, this is a great way of giving your body one last push before the end of the day – after all, you don’t want to exhaust yourself! It is not necessarily about how much time you spend; it is how you use it. Here is an example of a short workout from the Pop Sugar Fitness Channel.

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t find much time to exercise  – sometimes life gets in the way! The fact you are trying shows you are strong and motivated, and you will do whatever you can to reach your goals – and you should be proud of that.


If you are really struggling for time, and still want to look and feel healthy, then perhaps you should consider our Lymphatic Vacuum Massage. This stimulates the lymphatic system in the body which works to clear toxins and bacteria. This massage can also help to reduce stretchmarks and aid sleep, improving your general wellbeing by leaving you happy and healthy.



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