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Fat Freezing Cardiff

New Fat Freezing Treatment in Cardiff: 10 Things to Expect

Are you considering fat freezing in Cardiff to achieve your body contouring goals?
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Cryolipolysis London

Say goodbye to stubborn fat with the power of fat freezing in London!

Are you tired of dealing with those pesky love handles or muffin tops in the beautiful city of London? Look...
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Plasma Eye Lift

Preparing for non-surgical blepharoplasty

While you consider whether you could benefit from a blepharoplasty treatment, read about preparation, aftercare, and what to expect. Plasma...
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A Smiling Woman represents Our Aesthetic Treatments

Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments: Essential FAQs

From HIFU facelifts to cryolipolysis, here is a brief rundown of the most commonly inquired-after non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Since its...
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A Red Paper Boat Protectively Covered by a Woman's Hands

FemiWand treatment: Everything you need to know

The results expectations and must-know info of VIVO Clinic’s vaginal tightening treatment with the FemiWand technology. The FemiWand technology is...
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HIFU Facelift on Female Face

HIFU Facelift: Prep and aftercare

We discuss the few things you must be mindful of before your HIFU Facelift treatment and what you must do...
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A Woman's Underarm Area after a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal: The best time to begin treatment

You want to be ready for all the summertime beach fun; near the end of autumn would be the perfect...
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Happy Woman getting Cryolipolysis

Fat freezing: Everything you need to know

We discuss how fat freezing works, the myths associated with it, and why the treatment has become so popular in...
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Assorted Food that are Good for the Skin

Get healthy skin through food

The age-old adage infers that we are what we eat. There is much wisdom to the saying. After all, what...
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Tri-Beam Ice

Laser Hair Removal Manchester

You can get VIVO Clinic’s popular Laser Hair Removal treatment done at our Manchester branch. We use the innovative Tri-Beam...
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Cryo at Home

Mobile Treatment Service

Good news! We are pleased to announce the launch of our Mobile Fat Freezing Service! At VIVO Clinic, we understand...
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RF Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening London – Revolutionary RF Treatment

VIVO Clinic London now offers Skin Tightening treatments for your face and body, leaving you with skin that looks and...
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HIFU Facelift

HIFU Facelift (Non-Surgical)

Our HIFU Facelift is one of the latest innovations to benefit the cosmetic industry. This technology can target the muscular...
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Thick Hair

Hair Restoration Birmingham

At VIVO Clinic Birmingham, we now offer the latest Hair Restoration treatment! About hair loss Hair loss is an overwhelming...
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Plasma Eye Lift

Plasma Eye Lift London

Due to the popularity of the Plasma Eye Lift, this procedure is now available at VIVO Clinic in London! At...
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Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Birmingham

At VIVO Clinic in Birmingham, we have the latest Skin Tightening treatments! Our skin changes a lot with age. It...
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Hair Rejuvenation

Hair Rejuvenation Birmingham

Our new and advanced Hair Rejuvenation treatment is now available at VIVO Clinic in Birmingham! At VIVO Clinic Birmingham, we...
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Bum Lift

Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift: Is It Safe?

This week it was revealed that another person lost their life as a result of the Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift,...
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Plasma Eye Lift Birmingham

VIVO Clinic Birmingham now offers the revolutionary Plasma Eye Lift procedure. Our Plasma Eye Lift in Birmingham uses revolutionary German technology...
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