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Skin Tightening Birmingham

At VIVO Clinic in Birmingham, we have the latest Skin Tightening treatments!

Our skin changes a lot with age. It becomes looser, and sags in some areas, especially on the face. Furthermore, as a result of this lines and wrinkles appear which can look undesirable. Don’t worry – we have brand new skin tightening treatments that help to combat these signs of ageing!

Plasma Eye Lift

One of these is our Plasma Eye Lift Blepharoplasty treatment, which targets and tightens the skin above the eyelid. Many cosmetic procedures avoid this area due to its sensitivity. Plasma is a form of matter which is electrically charged, and is created when gases are ionised. We use a device called the HD Lipo Freeze Plasma Spark Pen to perform the Plasma Eye Lift treatment. The Pen directs the plasma towards small but focused points above the eyelid, burning small superficial ‘dots’ into the surface of the skin. These will initially crust, but when this falls off the skin will appear and feel tighter and younger. The Plasma Eye Lift is ideal for lifting skin that is drooping over the eyelids. The only other treatment for this is invasive surgery such as a surgical Blepharoplasty.

HD Plasma Spark

HIFU Facelift

Another treatment we offer at VIVO Clinic Birmingham is the HIFU Facelift. HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. During the treatment, our consultants use an applicator to emit this ultrasound into the skin at certain depths to tighten it. The ultrasound beams converge under the skin to create tiny pockets of heat, which stimulate the regrowth of collagen. The HIFU Facelift also tightens the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer under the skin. The HIFU Facelift is perfect for sagging skin on the neck, chin and cheeks, and lines such as crow’s feet.

Skin Tightening

Vaginal Tightening

Perhaps our most popular and specialised Skin Tightening treatment at VIVO Clinic Birmingham is our Vaginal Tightening procedure. This area can become loose for a variety of reasons, such as age, giving birth and obesity. Due to the private nature of the vagina, at VIVO Clinic Birmingham we understand it is difficult to talk about and that you may feel embarrassed. The good news is that we can solve this for you! Our unique FemiWand equipment uses HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology to tighten the skin by creating heat to reactivate the collagen and elastin. Like the HIFU Facelift, this treatment can also improve the strength of the muscle, to give a more effective tightening.


At VIVO Clinic Birmingham, we have a huge range of Skin Tightening treatments to cover multiple areas of the body! Book a consultation with us to discuss any queries you have and to find the treatment that is right for you!

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