Plasma Eye Lift Birmingham

VIVO Clinic Birmingham now offers the revolutionary Plasma Eye Lift procedure.

Our Plasma Eye Lift in Birmingham uses revolutionary German technology to provide a solution to drooping skin over the eyelids. It is safe, affordable and non-surgical. This makes it a great alternative to CO2 laser treatment or surgical Blepharoplasty which could be harmful.

The Science

This treatment at VIVO Clinic Birmingham uses advanced plasma technology. Plasma forms when gases in the air are ionised, giving the matter electrical properties. We use the HD Lipo Freeze Plasma Spark Pen to create the plasma in the form of a tiny electrical arc. The device gives the user total control over the arc, making the treatment safe. The needle-like tip of the Plasma Spark Pen allows the user to direct the electrical arc close to the skin. The plasma burns tiny micro-holes into the surface of the skin above the eye which reactivates the elasticity in the skin and tightens it.


Why should I choose the Plasma Eye Lift at VIVO Clinic Birmingham?

Plasma Eye Lift is a popular choice because of its unique ability to focus on such a sensitive area. At VIVO Clinic in Birmingham, we understand that the Plasma Eye Lift procedure can seem scary and painful. However, you do not need to worry – we use safe equipment, and the treatment is always performed by a trained professional. You may feel slightly uncomfortable as the Pen burns ‘dots’ onto the skin, but this will not last long. The tip of the Pen never penetrates the skin, and our practitioners will keep it at least a 1mm away from the treatment area.

Eye Lift

To find out more about the Plasma Eye Lift, book a consultation at VIVO Clinic in Birmingham. During this consultation, you will receive advice to help you to achieve the best results and maintain them. Patients typically see results immediately after the Plasma Eye Lift treatment, though these will improve over the next two weeks.



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