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At VIVO Clinic Birmingham, we now offer the latest Hair Restoration treatment!

About hair loss

Hair loss is an overwhelming experience for many and often comes out of nowhere, leaving you feeling helpless and upset. If you lose more than the average of 50 to 100 hairs a day or notice thinning hair and a receding hairline, you may be experiencing hair loss. It is important to note that hair loss differs between men and women and varies from person to person. Hair loss can be temporary, such as a side effect of taking medication, or it can be permanent.

Hair Restoration

The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as pattern baldness. This affects both men and women though it is more prominent with age. Pattern baldness is thought to be caused by genes and hormones such as DHT. This particular hormone blocks hair follicles from getting the nutrients they need and subsequently causes them to shrink. Pattern baldness is perhaps the most devastating, especially as it seems impossible to prevent. However, this is why we now offer our Hair Restoration treatment at VIVO Clinic Birmingham! It is scientifically proven to help with hair loss, even pattern baldness!

How can VIVO Clinic Birmingham help?

At VIVO Clinic Birmingham, we know there are already hair treatments on the market such as hair transplants and medication like Minoxidil. However, these are often unpleasant to undergo or administer in contrast to our Laser Hair Restoration treatment, which is painless and simple. During this Hair Restoration treatment, we use ‘cold’ low-level lasers that emit healing rays of infra-red light. These lasers encourage blood circulation to help repair tissues and hair follicles in the scalp. As a result of this, hair regrows and also becomes thicker too!

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Our practitioners at VIVO Clinic Birmingham recommend a course of treatments for you to see the best results, which should be apparent after 6 to 12 months. We always invite you to come in for a consultation before beginning our Hair Restoration treatment. We do this to evaluate your unique circumstances so we can give you realistic advice on results, and to ensure you know how to look after your body in between and after treatments.

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