Hair Rejuvenation Birmingham

Our new and advanced Hair Rejuvenation treatment is now available at VIVO Clinic in Birmingham!

At VIVO Clinic Birmingham, we understand that hair loss can leave you feeling embarrassed and damage your self-esteem. That is why we have chosen to offer Laser Hair Rejuvenation, to restore your look but more importantly, so you can regain your confidence.

Hair Rejuvenation Birmingham

How does Hair Rejuvenation work?

Our Hair Rejuvenation treatment at VIVO Clinic Birmingham uses safe low-level lasers which stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp. This encourages the hair follicles to repair and enter their ‘growth’ phase where they produce hair.

Hair follicles go through three main stages. First is the ‘growth’ stage where the follicles produce hair, which lasts 2 to 6 years. Then the hair follicles go into a ‘transition’ phase where they disconnect from the blood supply. The final stage is the ‘resting’ phase when the follicles die and fall out, often pushed out by new hair growing. You experience hair loss when a hair follicle is not replaced by a new one when it falls out.

Hair Follicles

Hair Rejuvenation is also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy. The lasers are ‘cold’ because they emit no heat, and use infra-red light that scientists use for healing purposes. This treatment is a great alternative to invasive surgery such as hair transplants, as it does not cause any pain and you can easily resume your daily activities after a session.

Who is Hair Rejuvenation for?

Our Hair Rejuvenation treatment at VIVO Clinic Birmingham is ideal for those who are experiencing the early stages of hair loss. You can identify this by thinning hair, or if you lose more than the average of 50 to 100 hairs a day. Hair loss can differ from person to person. If you notice signs of increased hair loss, you should consult a doctor. Any treatment for hair loss is more effective at the early stages, because the follicles can be repaired although they are inactive. However, if you have little to no hair, then this Laser Hair Rejuvenation treatment is not suitable for you. This is because the follicles are likely to be beyond repair, and the procedure will yield minimal results.

Hair Loss

Hair Rejuvenation Birmingham

Our specialists at VIVO Clinic Birmingham recommend a regular course of treatments in order to produce the best results. It is important to bear in mind that this will depend on your situation and your expectations. Don’t worry – we will always invite you in for a consultation at VIVO Clinic Birmingham before you have the treatment. Our trained practitioners will assess you, and discuss what realistic results you can expect to see. In most cases, Hair Rejuvenation treatment increases hair growth and even prevents future hair loss. Not only this, but Hair Rejuvenation makes your hair thicker!

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