Plasma Eye Lift London

Due to the popularity of the Plasma Eye Lift, this procedure is now available at VIVO Clinic in London!

At VIVO Clinic London, we used advanced Plasma technology. This allows us to perform a non-surgical Blepharoplasty that is safer than surgical procedures, without any of the risks!

HD Plasma Spark

What is the Plasma Eye Lift?

Our Plasma Eye Lift at VIVO Clinic London tightens the skin above the eyelid by burning tiny ‘dots’ into the surface of the skin. Plasma is gas that is electrically charged, which we use to create these micro-holes. Our unique HD Lipo Freeze Plasma Spark Pen releases a current that forms the plasma in the air. The needle-like component allows us to direct the plasma towards tiny and focused areas of the skin. This treatment is very safe, and the tip of the Pen will never penetrate the skin.

Why should I choose the Plasma Eye Lift at VIVO Clinic London?

We offer the Plasma Eye Lift because it efficiently targets the skin above the eyelids, an area which is difficult and painful to treat through other methods. Furthermore, you can begin to see results immediately after the procedure with the added benefit that these are long-lasting.

Plasma Eye Lift in London

At VIVO Clinic in London, we understand that you may be nervous about undergoing the Plasma Eye Lift treatment. We appreciate that cosmetic treatments are a huge decision that must be considered carefully. Don’t worry – our consultants are ready and eager to answer your questions and dispel your doubts! The procedure is not painful, but some people experience discomfort when the plasma forms the superficial burns. However, our practitioners will apply numbing cream beforehand to reduce this as much as possible. You may experience some irritation in the treatment area after the procedure, but this fades typically within a few hours.

If you are interested in our Plasma Eye Lift then don’t hesitate to get in touch with VIVO Clinic London!

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