Lumen: What is it and How Does it Work?

Lumen is an advanced, technological device that monitors your metabolism by registering your breath. It is pocket-sized and looks somewhat like a vaping device, meaning you can take it everywhere!

In simple terms, metabolism is all of the processes that occur in your body to ensure it functions correctly. It converts what we eat into energy to complete tasks, such as doing exercise. The Lumen device uses your breath to determine the energy levels produced by your metabolism and whether this comes from fats or carbohydrates. The app will then give you advice on how to use this knowledge to reach your goals.

Gym Work

When you breathe into the Lumen device, this analyses your breath and sends information to the smartphone app. The app presents you with a scale which shows whether you are burning more fats or more carbohydrates. Your body tends to use carbohydrates first and will use more fat as your carbohydrate stores decrease. It is important to note that if you consume more carbohydrates than you need, these will be converted to fat. However, the good news is that the app can help to monitor your intake to avoid this from happening.

Lumen is excellent for weight loss, for instance, if you are on the Keto diet where the aim is to eat fewer carbohydrates to burn fat. You can burn a lot more energy from fat in comparison to carbohydrates. Whether you consume fat or carbohydrates may vary depending on what you are doing. This app is perfect for showing what is happening in your body, letting you control your health.

Healthy Eating Lumen

After presenting you with the scale, the Lumen app gives you advice based on these results. For example, if someone was burning more fat, the app may suggest that the user eats pasta for dinner. This would increase the percentage of carbohydrates burned, as pasta is a carbohydrate-based meal. The app suggests a range of recipes for breakfasts and meals, with nutritional information to help you fulfil your goals. Lumen will always ensure you have enough energy to go about daily life, especially if you are working out. If you breathe into the device before exercise, the app will tell you if you need to eat anything before you go. The app will even examine your previous recordings to explain why you have less energy on a particular day.

Lumen is the first device which instantly tells you whether you are burning more fats or more carbohydrates. You can finally control your health, using knowledge of your metabolism and nutrition to make the right changes to your lifestyle.

Lumen will be released in April 2019. Find out more on Lumen’s website.

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