5 Best Apps to Aid Weight Loss

It can be challenging to lose weight on your own, and often it is easy to lose motivation. Apps are a great way of solving both of these problems as they record and store your calorie intake. Furthermore, the majority of apps provide helpful dietary information and suggest meal plans and exercises that ensure you healthily lose weight.

Weight Loss Apps

  1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal
  • This fitness app helps you to keep an accurate and helpful food diary, containing calorie information for millions of different foods and meals. It also has a barcode scanner function, letting you store the nutritional information of food you eat or buy. MyFitnessPal also boasts a huge community where you can compare recipes and weight loss. Interestingly, the app even identifies patterns in your diet to help you stay on top of your weight loss. Download
  1. Weight Watchers/WW Mobile App
  • This app lets you post pictures of your meals and celebrate your weight loss within the Weight Watchers community. You can easily keep track of your weight and whether you’re on target, even earning badges for your progress! The app also creates personalised fitness targets for you, to help you enjoy losing weight.
  1. Ideal Weight
  • Ideal Weight is incredibly limited compared to the other options, but it is excellent as a basic BMI checker. You simply input your age, height, and weight, and it will calculate your BMI. This app is best used in combination with other apps because it does not offer advice on how to lose weight.

  1. Fitness Buddy by Azumio
  • This fitness app is amazing at teaching you how to get active to lose weight. Not only does it explain exercises, but it shows you images, videos, and diagrams of the body to highlight which muscles the exercises target. You can pick from a wide range of workout plans to target the areas you want, and the app keeps track of your progress. It even lets you design your own workouts!
  1. Calorie Counter – MyNetDiary
  • Calorie Counter offers articles directly from dieticians, and a private diary sharing feature. This allows you to communicate with friends and family about your weight loss. The app also plans meals for long periods of time. When you enter your target weight, the app will work out your nutrition plan, and ensure that you stay on top of your weight loss!

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