The Signs of Ageing – Causes and Preventative Measures

Ageing is inevitable, and so are the signs of ageing that come along with it. With age, our body starts showing signs. While there is no fixed age as to when it happens, the fact is that it surely always does!

Your skin and hair are probably the first two parts that will start reflecting these signs. Those who take great care of their skin and hair can greatly delay these signs but those who ignore the needs of their skin and hair will probably start seeing these signs at a fairly young age.

The Cause

  • Those who follow an inactive lifestyle are the first ones to be affected by signs of ageing. Our body requires regular exercise and complete fitness measures to remain young and healthy. An inactive lifestyle thus becomes the very first cause for signs, internally and externally.
  • Our food habits are another important factor that causes signs. People who eat junk food and do not follow a balanced diet will show signs of ageing much faster, as compared to those who eat healthily.
  • Stress and Tension are the next factors to cause signs. When we are mentally or emotionally stressed and constantly under tension, our body loses it’s natural vitality and starts showing signs of ageing.
  • Excessive use of makeup or chemical based products robs our skin, hair and body of its natural vitality. People who are constantly using these products are more likely to show signs of ageing at a younger age.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol also cause signs of ageing both internally and externally.

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How to prevent these signs of ageing

While one cannot completely prevent, it is certainly possible to delay and minimise these signs. It is extremely important to understand that these signs are a cumulative effect of our physical, mental and emotional health. Thus, taking care of all these aspects is equally important.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fluids
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Stop smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Avoid excessive use of makeup and other chemical based products
  • Do not take medications or supplements without consulting a doctor
  • Manage your stress levels
  • Be positive and have a pleasant attitude

Signs of ageing are a direct reflection of your lifestyle- Stay healthy; look young and charming!

Anti-ageing Treatments

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