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Fat Freezing (cryolipolysis) treatments in VIVO Clinic Birmingham is an affordable and fully non-surgical fat-reduction procedure.

The use of sub-zero temperatures to remove fat cells ensures comfort and potentially long-term results.

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Cryolipolysis 360 Prices

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Number of Applicators 1 session
(40-60% reduction)
2 sessions
(60-80% reduction)
3 sessions
(80% + reduction)
1 98 176 234
2 167 294 381
4 285 510 675
8 408 736 984
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Cryolipolysis Standard Prices

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Number of Applicators 1 session
(20-40% reduction)
2 sessions
(40-60% reduction)
3 sessions
(60-80% + reduction)
1 78 146 204
2 127 234 321
4 205 380 525
8 308 576 804
*Our London locations are subject to a £50 surcharge.

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Fat freezing is a highly effective treatment. The results are potentially long-term. But it is essential to stick to the aftercare prescribed by your clinician.

Woman Undergoing Fat Freezing Treatment

Depending on the fat density and the size of the treatment area, a single fat freezing session can help trim 22% – 45% of fat.

Cryolipolysis helps reduce fat by freezing and removing fat cells from certain areas of the body. However, even though fat cells are removed, the treatment does not result in any significant weight loss.

That depends largely on your lifestyle. The cryolipolysis treatment permanently removes fat cells from your body.

It means that the fat cells that are eradicated will not grow back. However, that does not mean you cannot recover the fat.

Following the treatment, if your body experiences excessive caloric intake, the remaining fat cells can actually increase in size and lead to an increase in fat.

Since freezing temperatures are used for the procedure, it is normal to feel a slight numbness on the skin of the treated areas. Sometimes, people with sensitive skin may experience:

  • Slight swelling
  • Temporary redness

There is no permanent or long-term side effect associated with cryolipolysis.

Other than the tummy, cryolipolysis can be done on:

  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Upper and lower back

There is no downtime as cryolipolysis is non-surgical, with not even a needle involved, let alone other invasive tools.

After a treatment session, patients can resume their regular activities straight out of the clinic.

The number of sessions required varies from patient to patient.

While some patients are sure to receive the intended results after only a single session, some patients may need multiple sessions before achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Please keep in mind that VIVO Clinic does not guarantee any specific results. Nevertheless, a patient can expect an average of 22% fat reduction per session.

No, it cannot. Cryolipolysis treatments target difficult fatty areas in the body, for instance, abdominal pouches, and freeze out the fat cells for a slimmer, more toned look.

Cryolipolysis cannot be used as an invasive body contouring treatment.

Cryolipolysis is not a suitable treatment if you intend to free your body of cellulite.

VIVO Clinic does offer Cellulite Reduction Treatment. The treatment involves using a cosmetic vacuum combined with radio frequencies to counteract cellulite and improve skin elasticity.

No, tightening loose or stretched skin is not one of the results achieved through cryolipolysis.

Radio Frequency Tummy Tightening is a procedure worth looking into if you want to treat sagging skin on your abdomen.

As a first step, you can expect the clinician to assess the size and shape of the area that will undergo cryolipolysis. Once that is done, the clinician will apply a gel pad to the outlined area of your body.

The gel pad is used, so your skin remains protected from the sub-zero temperature of the cryolipolysis applicator.

Once the applicator is placed above the area that is to be treated, the fatty portion will be suctioned into the applicator’s hollow section.

In addition to the tugging feeling due to the suction mechanism, you will feel a concentrated cold temperature. The temperature applied gradually drops to -7°C.

Besides the cold and tugging sensations, you may also experience slight aching or cramping as the applicator gets to work. However, these sensations lessen within the first five to ten minutes as the area undergoing treatment becomes numb.

The entire process takes up to one hour, during which you are free to use your phone or use one of the iPads provided at the clinic to watch a movie or listen to music.

The FDA cleared cryolipolysis in 2010 as an abdominal fat reduction procedure. The FDA approved the procedure to treat other body parts a few years later.

The body’s reaction to fat freezing was first discovered by Harvard scientists when they observed children eating popsicles. As the children enjoyed their popsicles, large dimples formed on the areas of their cheeks where the cold treats came in contact.

Dr R. Rox Anderson and Dr Dieter Manstein, the minds behind the fat freezing procedure, became enthralled by the process described as ‘cold-induced fat necrosis.’

Samples extracted from paediatric patients suggested that fat inflammation occurred in the cheek areas that came into prolonged contact with the popsicles. And yet, the outer skin remained unaffected by the phenomenon.

They concluded that controlled cold temperatures could eliminate fat cells without causing harm to the skin and other tissues.

Fat freezing technology was developed not long after to rid patients of their stubborn fat deposits.



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