Natural Remedies to Stop Hair Loss

We all want a full head of hair. Sometimes hair loss can be genetic, but pollution, stress, and chemicals can significantly damage the health of our hair.

There are so many shampoos, conditioners, creams and oils that guarantee glossy, healthy hair but unfortunately not all work! Damaged, dull hair and hair falling out are common complaints.

While a severe case might need the expertise of a dermatologist, most cases of hair falling out can be treated with natural remedies.

Today’s busy schedules demand a lot of physical and mental activity that keep us so occupied that we are left with no time to take care of our hair.

A quick wash, condition and blow dry are not enough! Your hair deserves more! Let’s take a look at some natural remedies to treat hair loss.

Hair Loss

  • The age old benefits of a good oil massage are not only real but necessary! Your hair can need oiling from time to time to maintain the moisture. You can choose from different kinds of oil depending on your choice and availability. A massage helps improve the blood circulation and enhances the health of hair.
  • Indian Gooseberry or Amla is a natural and effective hair care product. It is available in the form of juice, pulp and also some factory made hair care products. The natural juice or pulp mixed with lemon juice can be an excellent hair care treatment. Regular use improves the health of hair and enhances the follicle health- inside out!
  • Now, it might not sound very appealing, but applying onion juice can also a highly effective treatment; especially if you have any infection, dandruff etc. It has natural treatment benefits. A good wash later completely removes the smell!
  • Fresh Yogurt is another readily available option. It makes an excellent hair mask. Applying and leaving on for a few hours nourishes the hair from the tips to the roots!
  • Aloe Vera is another plant that gives natural benefits for every hair and skin problem.

These are some of the many natural remedies to treat hair fall. Maintain the health of your hair by giving it the time and effort it requires.

Beautiful and healthy hair is a mark of a well kept and confident person!


While hair loss is typically only a problem when dealing with the hair on our head, other areas of the body may benefit from permanent hair removal.



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