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Take in-clinic PCR tests with a same-day results option from one of VIVO Clinic’s three London branches.

Due to the current pandemic, every country has set up their own safety measures. The most common preventive method adopted globally for international travel is the COVID-19 PCR test. It is near impossible, these days, to be able to go to a foreign country without first producing a negative result from a PCR test.

If you are travelling from the UK, you are not allowed to take the free COVID-19 tests from the NHS. The UK government has made using the NHS tests for travel illegal.

VIVO Clinic’s PCR tests service has been set up expressly for overseas travel. With every negative result from our PCR tests, our customers receive a fit-to-fly certificate without additional fees.

We provide results the next day as a standard, but with the PCR tests at our London clinics, you can also select a next-day results service. However, we provide an at-home PCR test for travel option for ones who prefer the comfort of their own homes.

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What is a PCR test?

A polymerase chain reaction or PCR test uses swab samples from the nose and throat to detect COVID-19 RNA in the samples. So far, a PCR test is the most reliable test for COVID-19.

What is the difference between a PCR test and an RT-PCR test?

Either test can be consistently used to determine whether a person is infected by COVID-19. And both tests do this using swab samples from the nose and throat. The only difference is that the RT-PCR tests use an additional method called reverse transcription.

When it comes to travel, certain destinations ask for RT-PCR test results specifically. These countries will not accept PCR test results from international travellers. However, countries that require PCR test results will also accept ones from RT-PCR tests. Basically, RT-PCR tests are a safer bet if you are unsure of the travel requirements of your destination country.

At VIVO Clinic, we provide RT-PCR tests.

How reliable are PCR tests?

While there are other tests for COVID-19 detection that are cheaper and faster, PCR tests are considered the most reliable.

Why do I need a PCR test or RT-PCR test to travel?

International travellers producing a negative result from a PCR test has become a legal requirement in almost all countries worldwide. This method has been adopted as a deterrent from cross-border COVID-19 spread.

Which countries require PCR tests?

Almost every country, nowadays, require international arrivals to have a negative result from a PCR test.

You can visit our travel advice page to check out the entry requirements of various countries.

When should I book the in-clinic PCR test?

It depends on the requirement of your destination country. Most places ask for results from a PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before departure.

However, this window of time is different from place to place. So, make sure you have all the facts before you book your test.

You can visit the government’s website for the latest travel requirements of individual countries.

You can book same-day as well as next-day results services for PCR tests from our London clinics.

Will you provide me with a fit-to-fly certificate?

Yes. If you test negative, you will receive a fit-to-fly certificate from us. This document will contain details of our laboratory, and it will be signed by the experts who carried out the testing.

We do not charge additional fees for the fit-to-fly certificates.

Is your laboratory regulated?

The Care Quality Commission regulates our laboratory, certificate number: CRT1-4708702735.

How are PCR tests done at your clinic?

The in-clinic PCR test at our London sites is very conventional. Clinical professionals will aid you throughout the entire process of collecting the swab samples.

Can I find out about a previous infection with PCR tests?

No. PCR tests can only be used to find current infections.

You can try our at-home immune response test to determine if you have had a previous infection.

What if my PCR test result comes back positive for COVID-19?

You must begin to quarantine for ten days immediately.

We cannot give you a fit-to-fly certificate if your test results come back positive for COVID-19. In such circumstances, we advise delaying all travel plans until a later date.

Please contact the NHS, either by phone by dialing 111 or online at https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19 for management guidance.

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