Exercises to Tone Your Arms

It is difficult to keep in shape as we get older. Life gets in the way as we expand our families, and become busy at work. Sometimes it feels as if there is no time to exercise, and even when we do find the time, motivation is scarce. As a result, fat can build up in areas where it is hard to get rid of, including the arms. Many people refer to fat in this area as ‘bingo wings,’ and often we feel self-conscious about it.

At VIVO Clinic, we are dedicated to making people look good, but most importantly, feel good about their bodies. Therefore, we have put together a list of simple exercises you can do at home to reduce fat on your arms. Not only this, but these exercises help to tone your arms and make them stronger. Don’t be surprised if you see some muscles appearing!

Take a look at the exercises below, and get ready to show off those arms!

Please note that we are not fitness professionals. Only do what you know you are capable of, and if you are unsure, then seek advice from a professional.

Bicep Curls

This is a simple exercise that you can do with or without weight. If you are not using weight, then you will have to tense your arms to work against yourself. Start with your arms down by your side, making sure to keep your elbows next to your ribs throughout the exercise. Clench your fists and raise the lower half of your arm to your shoulder, before reversing the motion, so your hand finishes down by your hips. If you do this right, you should feel your biceps working against the resistance of your tensed muscles.

Bicep curls can be much more effective with weights. Instead of clenching your fists, hold a weight in either hand with your hands facing outwards to tone your arms. Alternatively, you can place a resistance band under your feet and hold each end in either hand, repeating the motion of drawing your hands up towards your shoulders.

Arm Exercises


This is the perfect exercise to do anywhere, using only your bodyweight. Furthermore, it works many other muscles in the body, not just your arms. Place your hands on the ground a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. It is advisable to start on your knees if you have never done a push-up before. If you have more strength, then start the push-up on your hands and feet. Slowly lower your body to the ground, your elbows going out sideways. Go as low as you can, before using your arms to push yourself back up to your starting position. It is much harder than it looks!

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are a great way of working the backs of your arms, where fat is hard to get rid of. You can do this exercise from a variety of positions. When sitting on the floor, place your hands behind you with your fingers facing your body. Put your legs a short distance in front of your torso to push yourself up, so you are balancing your weight on your hands and feet, letting your hips hang just above the floor. Gradually lower your hips to the floor while your elbows move in a backward direction away from the body. Then use your arms to raise your hips again and straighten your arms. While you lower your hips, you can kick out a leg to challenge your body’s balance.

If you want to make this harder, consider placing your hands on a higher surface, such as on the edge of your sofa. This will force your arms to work harder, as they are taking on more of your body weight. You can move your legs further away from your torso to challenge yourself, balancing on your heels. You can also place a weight on your legs if you are a glutton for punishment!

Tone Your Arms

Staggered Push-Up/Pike Push-Up

A staggered push-up is a modification of a regular push-up for those who like a challenge. Place a hand on the ground facing horizontally, further out in front of you than in a normal push-up. The other hand needs to be placed in line with your shoulder, but facing upwards. By doing this, you make the push-up a lot harder, and it allows you to work those small muscles in the arms that you wouldn’t normally target. Again, do it from your knees if you are a beginner.

A pike push-up is very effective for tiring out those arms! Start in a downward dog position, where your arms are out in front of you, and your legs behind you, like a triangle. Lower your head towards the ground, moving your elbows out to the sides, balancing forward on your toes. Reverse the move by using your arms to push your body back up, straightening your arms. You should feel this in your arms and shoulders.


These four exercises are only a few examples of how you can get those lean and toned arms you have always wanted! Even if you do ten repetitions of each of these exercises, two or three times a week, you may see and feel a significant difference. Exercise is perhaps the best way to feel and look good, as you are taking care of your body and proving to yourself that you are capable of anything!

If you still find it difficult to get rid of fat in this area, or cannot achieve the look you want through exercise alone, then consider our Radio Frequency Fat-Melting treatment. The radio frequency waves produce heat of around 40 degrees Celsius, which affects the fat cells and also works to reactivate collagen and tighten the skin!



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