Why Giving Up Alcohol Is Good For Your Health

Drinking alcohol can have negative effects on your health, even if you only drink on one occasion. It can interrupt the signals that come from the brain, making you feel confused and have difficulty thinking or moving. If you have a habit of drinking a lot on a regular basis, then this damages your liver and impairs its function. There are also links between alcohol and the development of various cancers.

The NHS estimates that more than 14 units a week is the limit before you incur damage to your body. The good news is that if you stop drinking excessive amounts early enough, you can reverse the majority of the damage. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of giving up alcohol and how this improves your general wellbeing.



When you give up excessive drinking, you are likely to experience an increase in energy. Part of this is due to improvement in sleeping patterns. Alcohol is known to inhibit Rapid Eye Movement (REM) that occurs in sleep, which is when cells regenerate. Furthermore, if you don’t drink alcohol, it will not impair your brain function. You will be able to think clearly and can be more productive. Your problem solving ability will increase, meaning that you may make better decisions, and will be in control of your actions.


Giving up alcohol can also benefit your appearance. As mentioned above, it interrupts the REM stage of sleep. During this stage, dead cells are removed both inside and outside the body, and pathways are made to make way for new cells. This process of recovery and regeneration is essential for the appearance of your skin, making it look vibrant rather than dull. Alcohol dehydrates your body which means that the skin is not able to hydrate properly, making it dry and preventing repair of skin cells. According to Drinkaware, alcohol can prevent your skin from getting the nutrients it needs to replenish and stay healthy. It can even lead to serious skin conditions.

Binge drinking also leads to weight gain. By reducing your intake, you are already doing your body a favour by ingesting fewer calories! If you are keen to lose weight, this could be the most critical change to your lifestyle, as alcohol could ruin any other progress you make.

Body Function

Too much alcohol damages organs within the body. This includes the liver, but also the heart and pancreas. As well as this, drinking too much leaves your immune system vulnerable to infection by slowing down your body’s fighting instincts. Giving up alcohol is crucial for your stomach, as it can interfere with the acid levels, leading to problems such as acid reflux and heartburn. When you cut down on drinking alcohol, you will notice that your body becomes a lot more hydrated. This helps to regulate your bodily functions, as your organs need water to function.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of giving up alcohol is that it allows your liver to recover. Your liver contributes to a variety of processes such as getting rid of toxins and preventing blood clots. When you drink, your liver may prioritise the breakdown and removal of alcohol from the body, and neglect its other responsibilities. Therefore, drinking less alcohol is essential if you want to maintain good health, with further benefits of reducing your risk of heart disease.

Giving up Alcohol

Mental Health

Alcohol can negatively impact your mental health. It is classed as a depressant, meaning that it can affect the balance of chemicals in the brain. As a result of this, it could lead to anxiety or a depressive state. For some, drinking is appealing because it relaxes the body, and increases confidence. However, this does not last. Heavier drinking can result in a change of emotions that may be unpredictable, and potentially dangerous, especially if you have less control over your actions due to being intoxicated.

It is thought that drinking regularly on a long-term basis, even if it is just one glass of wine a night, contributes to the development of mental illnesses. Then, by giving up alcohol, you can help to improve to your mental wellbeing. You need to make sure you look after yourself, so if you know that you are susceptible to negative feelings when you drink, consider cutting it out of your lifestyle.


This is not to say that you can’t have the occasional drink. If you reduce your drinking and moderate your consumption of alcohol, this will greatly improve both your mind and body. By doing so, we are giving our bodies the respect they deserve. In turn, we are able to feel good and reach new limits, becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves!

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