What’s the Paleo Diet All About?

The Paleo (or Paleolithic) diet has emerged as one of the most popular weight loss plans available today. From nutritionists to health experts and pro athletes, everyone is praising its benefits. This plan is based on the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, limiting processed foods, sugar, starches, grains, and dairy. In the long run, it improves sports performance, accelerates fat loss, and boosts brain health. Several studies indicate that going paleo can lower the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, osteoporosis, and age-related disorders.

How Does the Paleo Diet Work?

This dietary plan is based on whole foods just like those consumed thousands of years ago. It provides optimum amounts of lean protein, complex carbs, heart-healthy fats, fibre, and antioxidants, leading to mental and physical well-being. Dieters don’t need to count calories or macros, weigh their food, or purchase ready-made meals. Their only job is stick to the foods allowed.

Even though paleo is not designed for fat loss, most dieters drop weight and keep it off. Once you clean up your diet, your body will get rid of excess fat. The best part is that you can enjoy delicious, healthy foods, such as tuna, salmon, beef, pork, leafy greens, almonds, walnuts, and coconut oil. There are thousands of paleo recipes available, from chicken stir fry and pulled pork to zucchini noodles. Junk food, legumes, cereals, dairy, and refined sugar are off limits.

Why Go Paleo?

The paleo diet is popular among athletes due to its ability to preserve muscle and improve exercise performance. Due to its high-protein content, this eating plan promotes fat loss, regulates blood sugar, and supplies steady energy throughout the day. Most dieters report clearer skin, better sleep, and enhanced mental focus

This dietary plan is rich in omega-3s and MCTs, which support brain health and fight inflammation. Protein increases your metabolic rate, so you will burn more calories. By removing sugar and processed foods from your diet, you’ll enjoy better digestion and restore your gut flora. Going paleo may also improve the symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s diabetes, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

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