You Should Always Wear Sun Cream

Baz Luhrmann was right; it might be cold outside, but if you’re going abroad (or if we get a sunny day in the UK) you should wear sun cream.

Application of sun cream is a must if you are going out, whether it’s sweltering or not. Sun creams are efficient in their ability to protect from the harmful effects of the sun. What follows is a list of reasons why sun creams should be a crucial part of your skin care regime:

  1. Protection from tan: that the tan is healthy is one concept that still makes rounds across the virtual world. But what you should always keep in mind while basking in sun is that your body always needs protection from the ultraviolet radiations. Sun creams with SPF 30 or more should be applied every two hours.
  2. Protection from UV rays: the ozone depleting continuously has made one and all vulnerable to the ill effects of UV rays. Of course, Vitamin D is necessary for your body but much important is your health. Usage of sun cream shields from the dangerous UV rays that may be a trigger for a lot many skin problems.
  3. Healthy for skin: the major structural protein such as collagen, elastin and keratin are well safeguarded by the sun creams. Your sun cream should always contain titanium oxide if such benefits are to be endued to the skin.
  4. Protection from sunburns: sunburns are extremely harmful to your skin because they weaken and bruise your skin making it undergo regular rounds of peeling, itching and swelling. This is just one of the effects of exposure to UV rays. Always stay safe with the protective sun creams.
  5. Stops premature ageing: to look young and radiant forever if a dream for all. Regular application of sun creams prevents fine lines and deep wrinkles. Scientists have found that people who are aged 55 or over who used sun creams regularly showed lesser signs of ageing than the non-users.
  6. Great cosmetic option: these days’ markets are flooded with sun creams that also work as a cream. For people with dry and sensitive skin, regular applications are a must.
  7. Reduces cancer risk: sun creams, undoubtedly, are beneficial. Making sun cream a part of the skin care protects your skin from various kinds of cancer that can erupt at later stages of life.
  8. Top protection than long-sleeved clothing: one is always cautious of wearing short dresses while going out. Sun creams offer the best protection than long-sleeved clothing because in case the clothing gets damp, you are right back to zero protection.
  9. Reduces blotchiness: liberal applications of sun creams stop the irritating blotchiness and red veins from sprouting. This also aids in the prevention of acne and sun exposure-induced effects.





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