Abdominal Exercises for Women

Simple, easy to do abdominal exercises for a flatter tummy

Our patients get fantastic results and see visible fat loss following a Cryolipolysis treatment at VIVO Clinic Birmingham. Following treatment we always recommend that our clients adopt a healthy balanced diet and a modest exercise program and we often get asked which routines we recommend for a flatter stomach.

The internet is a great resource for discovering new exercises and these are some of our favourite abdominal exercises from YouTube. Use these in conjunction with our treatments and you’ll be slimmer and more toned in no time!

5 Great Abdominal Exercises for Women

Author: Women’s Workout Channel

These abdominal exercises for women can be done at home and are really simply and easy to learn.



The first exercise is the hip raise, which will strengthen your entire core.

You start on your back and you put your arms at your side. You lift your legs up and raise your hips as far up as you can. Keep your back straight and make sure your back never arches off the ground.

The second exercise is called the leg raise.

Start with your legs up in the air and go down as much as you can before your back starts to arch.

The third exercise is called the rotating planks, it’s great for your mid-section and side abs.

Get on your elbows and make sure your back is straight.

Rotate up to one hand, hold for second and then to the other arm.

The forth exercise is a simple leg raised crunch. It’s really effective for your abs. Make sure that you use your abs to pull yourself up and don’t strain you neck.

The fifth exercise is the triceps press plank.  It’s a little harder than the previous exercises.

Start off in the plank position with your back straight before pressing up so that both of your arms are straight and then come back down.


These five abdominal exercises for women are great because you don’t need a gym or any equipment. The best number of reps to do is 15 but if you can’t manage that just do as many as you can. Repeat your set three times and repeat 4 times a week.

If you haven’t had a fat loss procedure such as Cryolipolysis, you can book a free consultation and one of our friendly practitioners will tell you everything you need to know.

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