Abdominal Exercises for Men

Lose weight and tone up with these easy exercises

We all want that washboard stomach that you can crack walnuts on and Cryolipolysis can be a great way to lose weight and even get rid of that stubborn area of fat around the stomach. After the procedure we always recommend that our patients continue with a sensible diet and at least a modest exercise regime. These abdominal exercises for men are easy to learn and can be done at home with just a gym ball.

The Best Abdominal Exercises for Men


These three exercises are great because they target different areas of the abdominal muscles.

The first abdominal exercise for men is the bicycle crunch. It target the upper abs, lower abs and your obliques.

Lay on your back with your hands behind your head and your knees up to your chest. What you need to do is extend your left elbow forward and straighten your left leg at the same time before bringing it back to the starting position.

During this, bring your elbow and leg and perform the same motion with your right elbow and leg, repeating this move in a bicycle motion.

The second exercise is called the called the captain’s chair. In the video this abdominal exercise for men in performed with gym apparatus but if you want to do it at home you can achieve a similar effect by lying flat on your back and holding onto something solid behind you whilst you raise your legs into the air and then slowly lower them again.

The third exercise is called the stability ball crunch. This is essentially a standard crunch but it takes a lot of pressure off the legs. Just lie on the ball with your feet flat on the floor and your legs at a right-angle before performing a normal sit-up.

These abdominal exercises for men are best performed in three sets of 10 reps or two sets of 15 reps but if your struggle with that, just do as many as you can.


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