10 Reasons to Run on a Treadmill

Nothing beats the great outdoors, but there are several good reasons why running on a treadmill can sometimes be the better option.

Less impact on the knees and feet

There’s an adage that runners spend more time injured than otherwise. Running on the tarmac can be incredibly stressful on your joints.

The padded belt of a treadmill, on the other hand, is a lot kinder, not to mention more even than running on the road.


Avoid busy roads

Running outside can be dangerous, especially if you like to listen to your favourite music at full volume. Even if you have your wits about you, having to stop, look, and listen at every road crossing can spoil the momentum of your run.

On a treadmill, you can let your mind wander, without the risk of getting flattened by a lorry.


Keep track of what you’re doing

Fitness wearables that track your running stats outdoors are now cheaper and more accessible, but if you don’t have one a treadmill can do all of that for you.


Come rain, wind, and snow

Sometimes, a little drizzle can be the difference between going for a run and sitting on the sofa eating biscuits. Running on a treadmill allows you to avoid the elements. You can still eat biscuits, though.



A lot of people, especially those just starting out on a path to fitness, will feel less confident when running outside under the watchful eyes of the general public.

The gym won’t solve your problem, but if you have a treadmill at home then this can be a great way to get started.


Modern Technology

Zwift is a popular app for virtual cycling and more recently they have opened up the platform to runners.

All you need is some inexpensive equipment (which you may already have) and access to a treadmill. You can then run on your own, with friends, or with total strangers around the beautiful virtual island of Watopia.

Zwift Running

Rethinking the treadmill

They may have a reputation of being monotonous human hamster wheels, but the benefits to treadmills are numerous, and, with advances in technology they’re becoming fun too.





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