Artificial Light Is it Bad for Your Health?

Nowadays, the presence of artificial light in our daily lives is at its highest level. Natural light is important for your health, as this influences the body’s circadian clock or rhythm. This cycle lasts roughly twenty-four hours and tells you when you should eat, sleep and be productive. The circadian clock corresponds to the solar cycle – your body will rest and sleep when the sun goes down. As a result of this, you need more natural light exposure in the middle of the day than in the evening.

Artificial Light

The effects of artificial light

However, artificial light can cause problems with the circadian rhythm, especially at night. Many studies have tested the detrimental effects of artificial light at night (also referred to as ALAN). The Leiden University Medical Centre conducted an experiment which exposed mice to light for twenty-four hours a day for twenty-four weeks. The results showed a 70% reduction in brain patterns, and the mice also had weaker bones and muscle loss. Read more here.

Various researchers conclude artificial light from devices such as smartphones reduces the levels of melatonin in the brain, which helps you feel tired. The lack of melatonin disrupts your circadian rhythm and your body’s desire to go to sleep. Studies have gone on to find that disruption to the circadian rhythm also has serious effects. It affects cardiovascular functions as well as having a negative impact on your psychological health. Artificial light is also thought to increase the risk of breast cancer.

Natural Light

It is useful to monitor how much artificial light you expose yourself too, especially at night. Don’t look at your phone or laptop screen for about an hour before you go to bed to ensure you are tired enough to go to sleep! If you do need to look at your phone, make sure the brightness level is down. There are even apps that change the colour of the light on your screen, so it does not make you feel alert!

Not all light has negative effects on our health. Our Laser Hair Rejuvenation treatment uses ‘cold’ lasers that emit infra-red light, which stimulate follicles in the scalp to repair and regrow hair.



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