Black Friday: Where, When and Why

What’s the DEAL with Black Friday?

Our treatments are 50% for Black Friday (see prices), but what exactly is it, and how did it originate? Black Friday is the day of the year that you can get the best deals and bargains on all kinds of products. It has become a worldwide phenomenon where people take the day off work so that they can save money on a few items.

But where did it all begin?

Origin of Black Friday

This tradition first started in the United States of America, on the day following Thanksgiving. It was not as commercially focused as it is now, but was an extended part of the Thanksgiving holiday. However, shops would offer discounts and offers on products, much like any other holiday period. The term ‘Black Friday’ has only become known in recent years. Interestingly, throughout history, the same phrase refers to catastrophic events. In addition to this, countries such as Philadelphia used it to describe large crowds and congestions. Unsurprisingly, violence and aggression have been known to occur on Black Friday due to the huge volumes of people. However, the day is not supposed to have negative connotations. In fact, it is a day that brings a lot of retailers success and profit when they may be struggling.

Black Friday 2018

Expansion of Black Friday

Thanksgiving occurs on the fourth Thursday in November. Therefore, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to get good deals on Christmas presents. As a result of this, the day has become so popular that is has been implemented in the UK. Black Friday in the UK has no link to Thanksgiving or a seasonal festival but is purely a day for people to spend money. In many ways, it has become its own festival, where people all over the world wait and prepare for it. Countries that partake in this commercial tradition include Switzerland, Australia and Germany.

The phenonenon has not just expanded globally but also in time. The idea that the Friday after Thanksgiving is a holiday means that the festival period is spread over a long weekend. This is adopted all over the world, with offers remaining over several days. Some countries partake in Black Thursday, which allows people to avoid the surge of customers on Black Friday. The development of technology and online sales has also led to the introduction of Cyber Monday in 2005. The aim of this day is to target customers who are unable to purchase items over Black Friday and the weekend. This is another incredibly profitable day for retailers, which continues to improve each year.

Nowadays, it is not unusual for Black Friday deals to remain for multiple weeks, with thousands of retailers offering discounts on a variety of items.


This year Black Friday takes place on 23rd November. Some retailers such as Amazon have already released early discounts. If you have your eye on a Christmas gift or want to treat yourself, have a browse so you can compare prices and get the best deal! Those who venture out, be prepared for large crowds and long queues!

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