Why celebrities now opt for non-surgical skin treatments

There is a pressure in Hollywood to remain young forever. Most of the celebrities have turned their attention towards non-surgical dermatological treatments. We take a look at some famous Hollywood personalities who age like wine

Jennifer Aniston

Aged 48, the star continues to glow much more than her Friends days. She strongly stands against the popular surgical cosmetic treatments but is all hearts for lasers and LED light therapy. The treatment is a non-invasive method for skin tightening.

Jennifer Lopez

She actually ages in reverse order. At 48, she maintains a chiselled pack of abs albeit staying in great physique. She just goes for anti-ageing creams and advises everyone to remove any makeup before going under the sheets

Robin Wright

At 51, she still manages to break quite a few hearts. We are as transfixed by her beauty in House of Cards as we were in The Princess Bride. The actor confesses to ‘tiniest sprinkle’ of Botox twice a year.

Cameron Diaz

Diaz confesses to struggling with uneven skin tone, sun damage and acne. She is a great fan of microdermabrasion which is a non-surgical treatment for removal of dead skin cells.


Top 3 anti-ageing treatments popular among celebrities:

  1. Skin tightening treatment: many skin tightening options are available these days. Most of them rely on laser technology which is far safer and comfortable.
  2. Laser skin tightening – sagging skin is tightened by delivery of laser light to the targeted area for boosting collagen production.
  3. Thermage – thermage reduces fine lines, wrinkles and also promotes collagen formation by using Capacitive Radio Frequency energy.
  4. Wrinkle reduction treatments: Wrinkles are inevitable. Most of the celebs go for non-surgical treatments for reducing fine lines, crow’s feet, thin lips, turkey neck and wrinkles.
  5. Botox – still remains the most popular choice among celebrities. Injection of Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscle; as a result, wrinkles are reduced.
  6. Dermal fillers – fillers are used in targeted areas to reduce wrinkles and also, create fuller lips.
  7. Age spot reduction treatment: various non-surgical and anti-ageing treatments have been introduced to fight signs of ageing, prevent sun damage, pigmentation, redness and spider veins.
  8. IPL photofacial – lasers are allowed to penetrate deep into skin to enhance collagen production.
  9. Chemical peels – chemical solutions such as glycolic acid, carbolic acid or lactic acid are put on small patches of skin. They work by removing dead skin and hence even out the skin tone and improve texture.
  10. Microdermabrasion – in this exfoliating treatment, a diamond-tipped wand is responsible for removing the outer dead layer of skin. Natural diamond chips also polish the skin.



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