It’s Time To Embrace Hair Loss, and Take Action!

Although there is not necessarily a stigma attached to hair loss, many people find it incredibly difficult to talk about. This needs to change! Losing your hair should not lead to feelings of embarrassment or shame. In the majority of cases, hair loss is a perfectly natural part of life, whether this is through age or external factors such as stress. It’s time to embrace hair loss.

Celebrities lose their hair too!

Adam Rickitt (who is currently in Hollyoaks) is the latest celebrity to step forward and discuss his own experience of hair loss. Other celebrities that have spoken about hair loss in the past include cricketer Shane Warne, and model Viola Davis. According to an article published by Digital Spy on 11th October 2018, Rickitt is undergoing laser hair treatment to slow down his hair loss. His reasons for doing so are to restore his confidence and prolong his career.

In his interview with Digital Spy, Rickitt makes the interesting point that there is a profound lack of actors on television with minimal hair. We have to ask, why is that? Roughly half of men over fifty and women over sixty-five experience pattern baldness, so why is this not being shown? The absence of hair loss in the media begins to explain why people feel self-conscious when they experience this themselves. Rickitt’s openness is admirable and is something we should see more of.

Adam Rickitt Embrace Hair loss

Embrace hair loss and speak out!

If you notice more hair loss than average, do not sit in silence! This often impacts self-esteem and may cause issues such as stress which can increase the amount of hair you lose. Furthermore, many people don’t realise that you can take steps to prevent losing more hair. The earlier you speak out about your hair loss, the greater the chance that you can slow it down. Laser Hair Rejuvenation is a safe and non-invasive treatment that reactivates the follicles on your scalp so that hair regrows once the dead shafts fall out. Conditions such as pattern baldness cause the follicles to shrink, yet Laser Hair Rejuvenation can reverse this process.

Hair loss is a natural occurrence that we should embrace and not be embarrassed about. It does not make you less of a man, or any less feminine. If you find that losing your hair affects your confidence, then do not be afraid to speak out and get help. Adam Rickitt’s experience shows us that it is not shameful to accept you are losing hair. It is inspiring to see him take this in his stride and seek a way of ensuring this does not harm his confidence. Now it is your turn to speak out!


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