Health benefits music offers us

Music is an excellent form of entertainment and an even grander medium for creative expression, and it offers listeners some cool health benefits.

While excavating a cave in southern Germany in 2009, archaeologists discovered a flute carved from bone. It is the oldest musical instrument discovered till now; the implication is that humans have been playing music for at least 40,000 years.

Despite not knowing the origins of music or its exact time of inception or discovery, we are definitely aware that music is extremely special.

It gives us enjoyment beyond logic or reason. The sweeping tune of one’s national anthem will bring with it a shared sense of connectedness. An otherwise dull activity can turn into a pleasant time. Not to forget the joy countless lovers have felt from love songs, nor the untold parents who owe so much to lullabies. And listening to the right melody at the right time is bound to douse one in nostalgic bliss and take them back to a happier time. All these and so, so much more.

Then, there are all the benefits we unknowingly achieve from our favourite tunes.

A Violin is being Played

Better mental health

When listening to songs, the brain produces more dopamine. It is a hormone that is associated with the brain’s pleasure and reward centres. With increased dopamine levels, you are bound to feel happier.

Furthermore, the extra dopamine helps relieve depression and anxiety to a degree.

According to one study, critically ill individuals feel anxiety to a lesser extent after music therapy. There is also data that indicates that when a person listens to music, their body releases less cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone; less of it means less stress.

In 2017, researchers found that symptoms of depression are alleviated in people who listen to classical and jazz music.

Other chemicals released in the brain when enjoying music are oxytocin and serotonin. Oxytocin actually helps nurture our capacities of connecting with others. Serotonin is related to the body’s immunity, which lets us nicely segue to …

Music’s influence on the body

Upbeat songs are often associated with increased energy. That is because music does have a tendency of decreasing fatigue.

It is not just fast songs either; a 2015 study observed that soothing songs could help lower exhaustion during repetitive chores.

During workout sessions, listening to fast tempo music can actually postpone neuromuscular fatigue. Plus, exercising with music elevates mood and make the body more efficient, leading to more enduring workouts.

A very interesting meta-analysis from 2016 indicates music’s ability to aid people better manage chronic and acute pains when paired with medication.

Hands on Piano Keys

All in all, music is an exceptionally adept therapeutic resource while being a wonderful source of enjoyment. Prolonged workouts as a result of listening to the right tunes are sure to give you fabulous results. Yet, that may not be enough, and a little extra help may just be what you need. Take a look at VIVO Clinic’s Cryolipolysis and see if it’s right for you.

Till then, happy tunes!



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