Effects of Sugar on the Skin

We all are well versed with the fact that sugar is harmful to our waistline, but what about skin? Sugar is as harmful to the skin as much as it is to the waistline. Yes, you read that right!

The Basics

With age, the cells in the body renew and regenerate at a slower rate.  Sometimes, we ourselves might be responsible for speeding the ageing process by creating non-conducive environment for systematic cell renewal and collagen production.  Collagen is the in- charge for making the skin firm. This major structural protein has many types in the body.

As per the researchers, sugar might be, somehow, responsible for degrading the different types of collagen present.

How Sugar Affects The Skin?

Consumption speeds up the natural process of glycation in the body.  When we consume sugar, it begins to attach to the structural protein and this result in the formation of new subversive molecules. These molecules are called advanced glycation end- products or AGE. AGE, in turns, starts to deteriorate the structural protein, that is, collagen.

So, this in just one line means that the more sugar we consume, the more AGEs are formed and hence, more protein is damaged.

Once the natural process of glycation is sped up, collagen and elastin are deteriorated at an accelerated pace. These major structural proteins are the guards that look out for a firm and tight skin.  Degraded collagen and elastin cause fragmentation of skin and as a result skin starts to sag and fine lines and deep wrinkles begin to appear.

Since collagen becomes glycated by consumption of more sugar, this glycated collagen prohibits the working of natural repair and maintenance mechanisms within the skin.  Cross-linking of glycated collagen renders the skin non-resistant against wrinkles.

Remedies for Reversing the Effects of Sugar

It’s never too late to start caring for your skin and reverse the process. Collagen production can be enhanced by using skin care products containing retinoids. A concentrated dose of retinol helps to amplify collagen production from inside to recreate the firm texture of the skin.

Also, AGE formation can be reduced significantly by taking fewer amounts of sugar. Pro-inflammatory, high glycemic, foods rich in high saturated fats and packaged or preserved foods should be totally avoided. This can be kick-started by reducing the intake of sugar during each meal. Switching to a carb diet is another alternative and so is turning to whole wheat eatables. With a reduced rate of glycation, your skin will feel the glam once again.



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