New Digital Pandemic Travel Advice Portal

Advice for flying from the UK

VIVO Clinic launches a comprehensive Covid-19 travel advice and information portal for UK travellers.

If you’re planning a trip abroad during the Coronavirus pandemic, the rules and restrictions are ever-evolving and can be difficult to keep up with.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of PCR tests for travel, we receive a lot of questions regarding a broad range of travel topics ranging from local rules and restrictions to holiday recommendations.

We always recommend the UK government website; it’s an impressively comprehensive source of information but sometimes answering salient questions can be a little time-consuming.

Customers also advised us on other websites that they needed to visit, either pre-travel or pre-test. Often customers would need to go to many different sites to get all the information they needed.

That’s why we set out to create the most comprehensive and useful online portal for people flying from the UK to over 226 countries.

From the portal homepage, you will find a map and a full list of countries which you can search and filter by their travel status. The map uses a simple colour codes system so you can see which countries are currently open for travel.

Covid-19 Travel Map Portal


The list of countries also displays local testing requirements. If you click on a country, you will gain access to a wealth of information including:

  • The local time in the country’s capital: Very handy if you are making travel arrangements with a real person at your destination.
  • Local weather in the capital: This information is useful for people deciding on a leisure destination or for helping to decide what clothes to pack.
  • Exchange rate: Understand how far your money will go.
  • Live Covid-19 statistics: This is useful information regardless of the purpose of your visit. We update this information roughly every hour.
  • Flight and hotel availability: Get live availability for flights and hotels.
  • Entry requirements: PCR test, quarantine, mask, public transport, and restaurant status.
  • Travel FAQ: A simple list of frequently asked questions and answers for your chosen destination.
  • Travel popularity: Sort the countries by current travel popularity and see if they’re trending up or down since the previous month.
  • Latest News: Latest travel news for the most popular destinations
  • Sharing: Collaborate with your travel party by quickly sharing any page via a myriad of services using the links at the bottom of the page.
  • Simplicity was at the forefront of our minds when creating Covid-19 travel information pages. There may be information from hundreds of different sources, but it is presented in a succinct and easy to understand way.

Travel UK

Accuracy of information

We have chosen data partners with great care and the information is constantly being updated to improve accuracy. However, we still strongly recommend that any important information is confirmed with your travel operator or via the UK government website. If you find an error there is a form near the bottom of the travel advice pages where you can quickly report it.

The world is slowly starting to open up again, but it’s important to travel safely, know where you can and can’t go and what’s happening with your chosen destination. To complement our PCR testing services for travelling overseas, we will now be providing vital travel information for hundreds of destinations across the globe on the Vivo website.

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Due to the overwhelming demand for our Covid-19 PCR testing services, we at VIVO Clinic want to ensure your experience with us doesn’t just stop at providing convenient testing, speedy results and appropriate travel documentation.

Our aim is to provide a complete, dedicated service, with information on a variety of popular destinations, offering peace of mind to our clients during this pandemic.

Visit the Covid-19 Travel Portal here



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