PCR Test Guildford

VIVO Clinic’s in-clinic PCR tests in Guildford are perfect for foreign travel. You will receive your results the next day and attested fit-to-fly certificates.

Whether it is leisure or business that you are travelling for, you can be certain that your travel destination will require a negative PCR test from you at the border.

Taking the ongoing pandemic into account, it would be unwise for governments around the world to let visitors in without checking for COVID-19 infections.

We offer next-day results and a fit-to-fly certificate at our Guildford clinic if your test comes back negative. Every country and all major airlines recognize our fit-to-fly certificates.

Moreover, the government does not allow NHS tests to be used for foreign travel purposes. If you are going overseas, you can only book PCR tests with suppliers that have been approved by the government.

Book your pre-travel PCR test in Guildford with VIVO Clinic.

Illustration Depicting PCR Tests for Travel

What is a PCR test?

PCR tests are used to detect a current COVID-19 detection in a person’s samples by checking for the virus’ RNA in them.

How reliable are the PCR tests in Guildford?

Among all the COVID-19 detection tests, experts consider PCR tests to be the most reliable for detecting current infections. However, it must be noted that no test is 100% accurate regardless of their safety and performance regulation status.

Why do I need a PCR test to travel?

Presenting a negative PCR test is, now, a legal requirement in almost every country when seeking entry. The purpose of this mandate is to try and prevent the further spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19 and its variant.

When should I book the in-clinic PCR test?

The validity of PCR tests is determined according to how long before departure or arrival it is taken. Every country has their own rules regarding this. Most countries consider tests valid only when taken within 72 hours before departure, but that is quickly changing as more countries ask for tests that were taken 48 hours before arrival.

We strongly recommend that you check your destination country’s entry requirements on the government’s travel advice page before booking an appointment for your test.

Will you provide me with a fit-to-fly certificate?

You can expect a fully attested fit-to-fly certificate from us, given that your PCR test result comes back conclusively negative.

Is your laboratory regulated?

Of course. Our lab is registered with CQC with the certificate number CRT1-4708702735.

How are VIVO Clinic’s PCR tests in Guildford done?

PCR tests in our Guildford clinic, and frankly everywhere else, is done pretty much the same way.

  1. Swab samples are collected in-clinic. Samples are taken from the back of the throat and inside the nose.
  2. The samples are then transferred to the lab for sequence testing.

The video demonstrates the in-clinic steps in detail.

Can I find out about a previous infection with the PCR tests in Guildford?

PCR tests can only check for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in a person’s samples. Once a person has recovered from an infection, they will not have the virus in their system, and that prevents PCR tests from detecting a previous infection.

The immune response test can tell whether a person has had a previous infection.

What if my PCR test result comes back positive for COVID-19?

If your test result shows that you are infected, you must immediately enter quarantine.

You will be unable to travel until you have fully recovered and can prove it via a negative PCR test.

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