Weird Diets You Definitely Shouldn’t Try

People have done some odd things to shed a few pounds, but these weird diets are just plain ridiculous.

Blue Diet

The Blue Diet

The theory behind this one is that the colour blue suppresses your appetite. While this would explain why all of those characters in Avatar are thin, there’s not a great deal more evidence to indicate this is an effective weight loss technique.

The Sylvester Graham Diet

Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham professed that people got fat when they had too much sex. In fact, the opposite is true. This one is more likely a case of misery loving company.

Sleep Diet

The Sleep Diet

You can’t eat while you’re sleeping, so theoretically this makes sense. In practice, humans aren’t really cut out for 18hr a day hibernations, unless they’re students, of course.

The Vinegar Diet

In the 1820’s Lord Byron popularised the vinegar diet which regularly caused vomit and diarrhoea. This was unhealthy and potential very dangerous. We prefer vinegar taken in moderation, preferably with fish and chips!

The Cigarette Diet

It’s no secret that in the 1920’s doctors used to prescribe cigarettes for all sorts of ailments, including obesity. In reality, cigarettes don’t really cure anything except nice smelling breath. Prescribing cigarettes for obesity was like prescribing a chainsaw for an ingrowing toenail.

Fat Soap

The Soap Diet

No this wasn’t soap for eating, this was “special” soap that could wash away your fat. Sold in the 1930’s this fat-be-gone product was used in the same way as regular soap, and as it turns our that’s all it was.


Avoid Weird Diets

At VIVO Clinic we offer a range of affordable non-invasive weight loss treatments. After any of these treatments, we always recommend that our clients consider a healthy sustainable diet.

With that in mind, please don’t try any of the weird diets listed in this article. Our news section offers information on a whole range of diets with more scientific backing.




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