Eat Healthily, Live Better!

Struggling to eat healthily? It’s easier than you think.

Do you want to eat healthily but struggle with time and temptation? You’re not alone, but eating healthily doesn’t mean missing out on great food.

What you eat directly affects your mind and body. Healthy eating is a conscious choice that must be made each day. Eating healthy not only maintains physical health but also contributes greatly to mental alertness and emotional well-being. What is a healthy diet? A healthy diet is a mix of all vital nutrients required by the body in certain proportions all through the day. Junk food and unhealthy food options are quick, easy and tasty attracting more and more people towards them. But unhealthy food habits can create immense issues in the long run. Pressing schedules are the most common reason that force people to opt for quick unhealthy meals; it’s a habit that needs to be kerbed instantly.

When you are on a healthy diet on a regular basis, a few ‘cheat days’ won’t harm! But it does not stand true the other way round; eating unhealthy every day and supplementing a healthy meal once in a while will not really have the desired effect. Food is the fuel for the body; it’s what keeps us going and provides us with the energy to take on each day- bad fuel is bad energy and good fuel is good energy!

To make healthy choices, plan your meals ahead. It’s important to include a variety of healthy foods in a day- fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, whole grains. Supermarkets are full of food- healthy and unhealthy- steer away from the snacks and head straight to the fresh products! Reading labels also helps makes conscious choices. Added sugar, flavours, and colours, salt, preservatives will give you an idea of what is really healthy. The point is to look for replacements; aerated drinks can be replaced by fresh lemon water, chocolates and cookies can be replaced by unsweetened yoghurt or fresh cut fruits, a takeaway pizza by a whole wheat sandwich. Everything is replaceable if you really want to!

Healthy food is a way to nourish the mind and body. When you eat healthily you think better, have more energy and also combat stress. The body is light and active and so is the mind! Contrary to popular belief, healthy eating does not mean you need to compromise on taste! All you need to do is find ways and recipes that suit your pallet! You will have the zeal, energy and motivation to take on challenges and the reduced stress levels will make each day better and healthier- physically, mentally and emotionally!

VIVO Clinic offers fat loss treatments, such as cryolipolysis, which can help to kick start your new healthy living regime.



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