Fat Loss Birmingham

A practical guide to weight loss in Birmingham

Living in Britain’s second city, it can sometimes be difficult to find the balance between work and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re trying to lose fat and get healthier, you will benefit from these tips.


Whilst there is no shortage of gyms in Birmingham, finding time to get on the cross trainer can sometimes be tricky. Fortunately, there are a number of 24 hour gyms, which can make it easier to fit a few sessions per week into your schedule. If you’re a night owl, or an early riser, off-peak times at the gym are often quieter, and membership cost is usually discounted for these times.

Fitness Trackers

There is a wide range of trackers available on the market. Fitness trackers, such as the Garmin vivoactive HR, track things like your daily steps, as well as your heart rate. This data can be very useful and will motivate you to sustain an active lifestyle.

Ultrasound Cavitation Fat Loss Birmingham

If you’ve got stubborn areas of fat, or if you just want to kick start your fat loss plans, ultrasound cavitation is a safe and clinically proven way to disrupt fat cells and the results are visible, almost immediately. It works using low frequency ultrasonic waves, breaking down fat cells, which then leave the body via the lymphatic system.

Find out more about cavitation.

Fat loss Birmingham

Fat Freeze

Hundreds of our clients in Birmingham have experienced amazing fat loss results from our pioneering HD Lipo Freeze technology.

Affordable, safe and clinically proven, the fat freezing treatment works by freezing the fat cells, without damaging the skin or muscle tissue.

There are numerous articles and academic papers supporting the effectiveness of the treatment, and our experiences practitioners at VIVO Clinic Birmingham are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Whatever methods that you chose to help you with your fat loss goals, we always recommend that you combine it with a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.



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