How the Body Gets Rid of Toxins

A lot of us take our bodies for granted. We go through life without realising how hard our bodies work to ensure we are healthy and active. At VIVO Clinic, we believe that every person deserves to keep their bodies in optimal condition. In order to do so, it is vital that we understand how a body actually function to rid itself of toxins.

A Nose Smelling Industrial Toxins

The Lymphatic System

One of the most valuable roles of the body is to get rid of toxins and bacteria. The lymphatic system is largely responsible for this, composed of various tissues and organs connected in a network. Lymph vessels transport a fluid called lymph around the body, which contains white blood cells that fight bacteria. It picks up excess fluids and takes it to the lymph nodes. In the lymph nodes, the lymph fluid is filtered. White blood cells isolate any cells that could be harmful and neutralise them. When the lymph fluid has been filtered, it is drained into the bloodstream. This carries any waste material and the remnants of the bacteria to areas of the body where it can be removed. The lymph fluid contains more white blood cells to give the body further protection against infection.

Lymph Nodes System in a Body

The spleen is a significant element of the lymphatic system. Your spleen is positioned in the upper left half of your body and removes red blood cells that no longer function. Additionally, the spleen contains special white blood cells called macrophages that are more effective in defeating bacteria. If you have your spleen removed, this increases your vulnerability to diseases and infections. The body contains two large lymph ducts that store lymph fluid. The thoracic duct is the bigger of the two, located at the base of the spine to store fluid for the lower half of the body. The other lymphatic duct is located in the right side of the neck.

At VIVO Clinic, we offer a Lymphatic Vacuum Massage that works to stimulate the flow of lymph throughout the body. As a result of this, the treatment can help to reduce redness, swelling and any pain you may be experiencing. It can even help you sleep better!


Digital Rendering of Human Kidneys

Our kidneys are also important in aiding the removal of toxins from the body. The kidneys are located near the base of the spine and work to filter the blood. By doing so, the kidneys remove toxins and waste products such as urea from the bloodstream. Referring to the lymphatic system mentioned above, the waste material that the lymph fluid transfers to the bloodstream is removed when the blood reaches the kidneys. Once the waste products have been removed, the kidneys take water from the blood to make urine, to finally expel the toxins from the body. The kidney transports urine to the bladder to be stored until you release it. Meanwhile, the blood reabsorbs useful substances.

In addition to this, the kidneys also make sure that your blood contains the right balance of minerals such as potassium.

How can I help my body get rid of toxins?

Specific foods help detoxify your body and skin. Cut down on your sugar consumption as this affects the sugar levels in your blood. Green vegetables contain a lot of nutrients that help to get rid of toxins in the blood. Green tea has health benefits as it keeps your liver healthy so that it can carry out its valuable functions. Your diet is a great way of helping your body to stay healthy. If you ingest fewer toxins, then there are fewer toxins to get rid of! In regards to your liver, it is best to refrain from drinking excess alcohol. This is because your liver prioritises the breakdown of alcohol over its other functions, potentially leaving you vulnerable to infection.

Food for Detox

Getting rid of toxins is just one way that our bodies look after us, and maintain our wellbeing. It is important that we help our bodies as much as we can by considering what we eat and drinking lots of water to ensure we are hydrated, and to ease bowel movements so that waste is removed properly. Exercise is great for helping your body to detoxify, as harmful substances can be released in your sweat. If your body is healthy, you may find that you have more energy and feel ready to face the day!




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