VIVO Clinic Launches ‘Green’ and ‘Amber’ PCR Test Bundles

VIVO Clinic, the prominent travel PCR test provider, has introduced inclusive test packages to meet the needs of travellers visiting ‘Green list’ and ‘Amber list’ countries.

The intention behind the launch of the Green and Amber travel test packages is to help customers acquire all their necessary PCR tests in one place without confusion.

Each package is purposed per the testing requirements stated in the UK’s traffic light travel system. The test packages contain all the mandatory PCR tests for travelling to countries in the respective colour designations.

Green Amber PCR Packages

As travellers are required to purchase the travel tests before beginning their journey, the test packages should streamline the process. Every person travelling is required to fill in a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) before they return to the UK; the details of appropriate pre-purchased PCR tests must be included in this form.

Passengers returning from ‘green list’ countries are not required to enter quarantine, but they must take a PCR test on Day 2 of returning to the UK. ‘Amber list’ country returnees, on the other hand, must quarantine for ten days and take PCR tests on Day 2 and Day 8, with an option to reduce the quarantine period by taking an additional test on Day 5.

The Green Travel Test Package includes:

  • Day 2 PCR test

Optional add-on:

  • Pre-travel PCR test

The pre-travel PCR test is offered at a discounted rate when bought as part of the bundle. Several countries do not require visitors from the UK to show a negative PCR test at the border, therefore it is offered as an optional add-on.

The Amber Travel Test Package includes:

  • Day 2 PCR test
  • Day 8 PCR test

Optional add-ons:

  • Pre-travel PCR test
  • Day 5 Test to Release

The add-ons with this package also come at discounted rates. The Day 5 Test to Release is part of a voluntary government scheme that allows ‘amber list’ country returnees to take an additional test. If this test comes back negative, they may end self-isolating early. However, the Day 8 test must still be taken.

Further convenience is offered to customers in the form of VIVO Clinic’s travel information portal. The online service updates the colour designation and entry requirements of countries in real-time. It is intended to help customers effortlessly verify whether they require the Green Package or the Amber Package and any necessary add-ons.

The UK government’s regular updates to the traffic light categorization of countries require potential travellers to be ready for any contingencies. VIVO Clinic facilitates customers to easily shift from the Green Package to the Amber Package through an additional purchase of the Day 8 PCR test if their destination country is moved from the ‘green list’ to the ‘amber list’ after the fact.

If an ‘amber list’ country is moved to the ‘red list’, the same tests will still apply. In addition to the Day 2 and Day 8 PCR tests, ‘red list’ country returnees must also book a hotel for quarantine via the government’s website. They must complete with the entire ten-day quarantine with no chance of early conclusion.



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